Twitter Sales Leads: How To Accurately Identify Them [Infographic]

Social selling is becoming more and more prominent on social media sites. If it’s done with a little finesse, you can make some great contacts and harvest some real sales leads without getting a reputation for being a cheeseball. However, if you spend any amount of time on Twitter, you’ve probably noticed that some people and brands have a little trouble distinguishing between a cold, warm and hot lead on Twitter.

Here is an example. Sometimes I will follow a brand simply because the person who tweets for that brand sends interesting tweets or because I’ve never heard of that brand, and I’d like to see what it is all about. At times when I’ve done that, I suddenly get tweets from that brand thanking me for following them and asking me questions about myself so they know which product to pitch to me.

It’s an instant turnoff (and it feels like spam), and the reason why is because there is a disconnect there. Just because people follow brands, it doesn’t mean those people are hot sales leads. It’s important to be able to distinguish which tweets are real sales leads, and which ones aren’t.

This infographic called How To Tell If You Have A Hot, Warm Or Cold Lead On Twitter by LeadSift is in the form of a humorous flowchart that will point you in the right direction. It’s a great guide to understanding if someone is just tweeting to tweet, or if that person is genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

It’s important to also remember that people on Twitter are real people, well, most of them anyway. In other words, some of them will be immediately ready to engage you about your brand, and others need a little time to get to know you first. Think of it as a natural process, just like IRL, only it’s in the format of Twitter. Enjoy!

Twitter Sales Leads: How To Accurately Identify Them

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Via: [Social Media Today]