If Jesus Had An iPhone & Joined Twitter [Comic]

I write a lot about how much technology has changed our lives, and how it’s embedded into almost everything we do. One thing I think about but haven’t written about before is how technology could have changed history one hundred or two hundred years ago. Or, how about if they had our technology thousands of years ago? It’s fun to think about how our lives might have been completely different if Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Napoleon, Adolf Hitler or even Sigmund Freud had access to the technology we have today. What if Jesus had an iPhone?

Would William Shakespeare’s poetry been different if he had access to Wikipedia and the Urban Dictionary? Would Christopher Columbus have landed somewhere else if he was using Google Maps on his smartphone? If you could go back in time and change your own childhood so you could have had access to the technology we have today, would you?

I don’t think I would. There was just something special about having to find a quarter to play a video game and having to stop for directions at a gas station. I don’t think I’d change anything. I’m sure the kids born today will grow up and ask themselves these same questions. They’ll talk about how nostalgic it was to play Angry Birds and how old fashioned the iPhone 5 was. They’ll laugh at how we all thought we were so advanced with technology, but we didn’t realize we had only scratched the surface. I saw someone tweet this yesterday, and I thought it was such a great quote, “We’re still in the first minutes of the first day of the Internet revolution.” – Scott Cook

If Jesus had the option of having an iPhone back when he was alive, would he have had one? What if Jesus joined Twitter? How would that have changed the course of history? The first comic below was designed by Brad Colbow at First World Problems. The second one was just something I found on yfrog. I think he would have had a smartphone. Jesus was a pretty smart guy, so that makes sense. I’m just not sure if he would have chosen an iPhone. Hmm…

If Jesus Had An iPhone

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Via: [Design Taxi] Image Credits: [A Second Taste] [yfrog] [First World Problems]


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    the only difference between Jesus using Twitter and the rest of “poor slobs”, would be that he could ask his DAD to erase any salaciously politically incorrect messages he ‘tweeted’ to Mary Magdalene, before she could get to it. then again, his DAD could just give her temporary amnesia, or erase her mind, or turn back time, or un-create Twitter, or…

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    Olawale alaba 9 years

    U such a genius