How To Gain More Traffic With Remarketing Strategies

Each day consumers are bombarded with tons of information, and a simple selfie of a friend on Facebook can completely wreck their train of thought. This means the transaction they may have completed on your page is put off – in many cases permanently. This means that you, as a marketer, need to optimize your website to convert more visitors and lock down the deals. You can do so by optimizing the SEO for your site. This can be done by using SEO services like SEO services USA that are designed to increase conversion. To further increase conversion you can also use remarketing strategies to achieve av even greater number of conversions.

There are a large number of challenges that will always exist in the area of search marketing, simply because you are unable to stop a consumer’s attention from being stolen to another topic. However, with certain strategies and efforts to recapture the attention and interest of these stolen conversions will help you reduce the number of these issues.

It will take a combination of offering a marketing message that is compelling and then delivering this message at the appropriate time in order to convert traffic into actual sales. [pullquote]While there are a number of other factors that will play a role, the most crucial is the actual mindset of the potential customer.[/pullquote]

The fact is that you should not simply settle for a non-converting customer when you can re-engage with them, especially if they have already shown some sort of interest. It is a proven factor that your repeat visitors have a much higher conversion rate than any first-time click.

If you are worried that you are annoying your users with these remarketing efforts and that they are hurting the branding efforts that you have made, you can set the parameters so that there are a maximum number of impressions that each visitor receives. This way you will only engage returning visitors a certain number of times which will be a more pleasant experience when they are browsing around on your website.


The process of setting up your remarketing campaign is very simple and provides you several options. You can create a remarketing code for the entire site, which will tag certain users as “non-converters” or us a targeting approach by establishing rules.

Using Dynamic Remarketing

This is where your remarketing efforts will be fun. The process of dynamic marketing allows you to see the exact products that a user viewed on your website in a type of template banner ad, which will take information from your action product feed.

Either process will give you control over what is seen and how strong your remarketing strategy is. You may want to push harder for those consumers that you know are extremely close to the completion of their purchase. This one last reminder is likely to push them over the top giving you the sale.

Remember if you are working to set up your remarketing campaigns, you may also want to consider starting attribution modeling. Since you will have a number of different avenues of how consumers reach your site, you can use this to track your various traffic sources. This will give you the ability to see how visitors are reaching your site originally, what happened when they arrived and what was the last click they made that led to the conversion.

The fact is that if you use a combination of remarketing strategies and attribution models, you can receive actionable insights to the parts of your marketing campaigns that are providing your site with value.

Increase Conversion Using Remarketing Strategies

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