How To Get Maximum Results From Your Content Curation [Infographic]

Content curation has been popular for a while, and most of the influential marketers in social media have become content curation masters. You may think being a content curator is easier than being a content creator, but that is not necessarily true. With all the social media noise, it takes work to discover and gather the best content there is surrounding a certain topic. The most popular online marketers are both content curators and creators. Are you getting the most out of your content curation efforts?

Think of content curation as creating a mixtape of your favorite songs for your best friend. You only pick and choose the stuff that is top notch, and that is what you share. If you become good at content curation, you can increase your brand’s visibility, boost your SEO and establish yourself as a leader in your niche.

Some people think content curation just involves retweeting a few valuable tweets, but effective marketers know it goes light years beyond that. It can encompass a powerful online strategy that allows you to get ahead of your competition, even if you have very little resources.

This infographic simply called Content Curation (by Uberflip) is based on information from Forbes, eMarketer and Google. One thing I’ve noticed when it comes to content curation is that knowing where to find the best content for your niche is very valuable. I have a master list that I’ve been building since 2009 with links to all my favorite places to find exceptional content. It’s a process that you’ll always be building on. It doesn’t just happen overnight.

In order to make the most out of your efforts, you don’t want to just regurgitate the information. Instead, you want to take what is valuable from it and put your own spin on it. Make sure it will be useful to your readers. Always source the creator. Take the time to add even more information to it by analyzing it or offering a fresh point of view. This is how you will maximize the return on your content curation efforts. There is a great article on Socially Stacked about this if you’d like to read more.

The Ingredients For Effective Content Curation

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