Interesting Twitter Tools To Enjoy!

If you are on Twitter, you know that majority of people tweet interesting and varied stuff.  From design, to gadgets, music, news and a lot more depending on their follower’s interests.  But did you know that there are some interesting tools that you can use to make your Tweets more interesting?!  Here are some that I hope you would check out and enjoy:

1. –  The tool allows you to tweet what you eat.  This allows others to also share interesting places to eat, menu and even recipes.  Think of it as your Twitpic for food.

2.  iWise – Or some like to say is a tool to get wisdom on demand.  Allows those who like Tweeting famous and interesting quotes.  You have a selection of Love Quotes, Famous Quotes from Famous People, Funny Quotes and Inspirational Quotes.

3.  Twesent –  Here is a gifting tool, simple to use, find the virtual gift you want to send to your friends on Twitter.

4.  Tweeterview – Tweeterview is designed to allow for Twitter users to conduct more in-depth ‘Tweeterviews’ or ‘Twinterviews’ without giving up the benefits of twitter.   It means people who used to use non interactive emails to conduct remote interviews can choose to do a real time interview, as well as retain the whole interview to link to & from their blog or news articles without giving up precious screen time for the whole interview.

5. – Now there is a way for you to send out audio clips on Twitter.  You can record your own voice or sounds that you would like your followers  to hear, appreciate and share.

Do you know of other interesting Twitter tools?  Leave a comment and tell us what it is.

Twitter Main Image courtesy of Loon Design