Is Selling a No No on Twitter?

The question at hand is, is it  part of Twitter etiquette that it’s a no no to sell your wares?  Well, if you think about it, most people still do sell their services on twitter.  But some really get irritated when you do it hard sell or you do shameless promotions.  Everyone has their reasons for joining Twitter and for some it is really to get noticed and have their brands interact with their consumers.  I guess its in how you do it that counts.

Here are some suggestions on how you can get people to notice your service or brand without turning anybody off.

1. Share – Consider sharing valuable information to people on your stream.  A great example of people that gets noticed are the likes of @cheth, @bkmacdaddy @Minervity it may not be their intention to sell, but you won’t help but check out their work and hire them because of the amazing information that they share on the stream everyday.  Sharing great and useful information gives you the credibility in your field.

2.  Create Compelling Content – Our websites should have useful content that can create compelling conversations.  People are more open to seeing for themselves what a service or a brand can do for them.

3.  Engage –  At our office, we always have this motto of enabling people to understand what products can do by engaging them.  Because the more they experience your service or brand, the more they will understand YOU.  Most often than not, if  a customer is happy he or she will definitely share the word and give your brand or service the word of mouth it deserves and if you ask me, that is very powerful.

4.  Give –  For designers, I noticed that they are the ones that really know how to give back and get something more in return.  What do I mean.  Most often than not, they are the ones that give out freebies, giveaways of their works and use tutorials to help.  In return, people who see their work and experience the stuff they create come to them when they need the particular service needed by that customer.

I hope the tips above are helpful in getting you or your brand the much needed awareness and boost without having to “sell” In your face style on Twitter.