Jordan Williams, Union City Artist – How To Integrate Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality In Social Media

Technology has changed so much over the decade. Since the rise of the internet, many innovations have followed in various industries. When it comes to visual technology, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have continuously evolved from being solely in gaming into many applications in work-related simulations.

Jordan Williams, Union City tech enthusiast and aspiring artist believes AR and VR will be gradually incorporated into social media. Being one of the widely recognized digital platforms, social media has become a place for commerce, entertainment, and a way to connect with others.

How exactly will AR and VR be applied in social media? In this post, Jordan Williams, Union City tech artist, explains all the possibilities and rising trends.

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Shared Photos With Augmented Reality Elements

A rising trend that is being recognized in many visual social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram is the photos with augmented reality elements. If the photo uploader has a 360-degree camera and other AR features, this can be easily integrated into shared personal photos.

This will be a great feature for social connections where families and friends share travel photos and other notable locations. Viewers can have a one-of-a-kind experience apart from just viewing such photos.

Social Media Gaming With Virtual Reality

Another integration that will excite gamers is VR games in social media. According to Jordan Williams Union City, social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, and Discord will likely host VR games that are seamlessly integrated with the equipment needed.

At present, VR equipment such as Oculus or PlayStation has separate games and systems. However, this will gradually evolve into having social media games where you can use the various VR equipment.

Real Estate Renting, Buying, And Selling Through Augmented Reality

Another interesting point of augmented reality is its application in commerce. Many home renters and buyers would like to make the viewing process easier, especially when people still have to be wary of COVID-19 and other travel restrictions.

Through the power of virtual reality, viewers can easily see each room as if they were inspecting the property in person. Since many social media platforms offer opportunities for commerce, such as selling and renting real estate, this feature will soon be integrated to make the experience better for potential buyers.

Many websites such as Zillow and Realtor already have these augmented reality features in place, so it isn’t much longer until social media will follow suit.

Virtual Reality Social Connections

The original intention of social media is to form connections with others through the internet. People set up their profiles, share photos, and their thoughts about their life and current issues.

According to Jordan Williams, he witnessed such developments even in his current residence at Union City, CA. Being the home state of Silicon Valley, many innovative experts are now developing virtual reality equipment and applications to chat as if they were having an actual meet-up. In many VR games, this is already possible, but it would be remarkable to see these features exist in social media connections.

Retail Augmented Reality In Social Media

Aside from real estate, another aspect of augmented reality can be applied when selling consumer goods. This can be very helpful when selling large items for display, such as:

  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Decor
  • Home goods
  • Equipment

This feature, which is already seen in big online retail platforms such as Amazon, is likely to invade the world of social media. With this AR application, people can open their mobile phone’s camera, and the item will appear in the location seen in the photo preview. This will help buyers assess the size or a good design fit in the room where the item will be placed.

Location Tours Through Social Media Pages

Have you ever thought about visiting a place but are unsure if the features are worth it? Through virtual reality tours, one can look at a place to see if they would like to visit. Some businesses that can benefit from this feature are museums, resorts, restaurants, landmarks, or function halls.

Any type of business where location is essential can post photos or other types of media used for a virtual tour. These virtual tours can help individuals decide if the location is a good fit, or it can also be a deciding point as they will be more enticed to visit.

Jordan Williams, Union City tech enthusiast, suggests that businesses’ social media pages have these links to virtual tours to help clients in the decision-making process.

AR And VR In Social Media? – The Future Is Here

AR and VR technologies are permeating every aspect of our personal and professional lives. With social media having AR and VR integrations, future features are easier to imagine, and the possibilities are endless.

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