What To Keep In Mind When Posting About Your Wedding Engagement On Social Media

An engagement may be one of the most exciting moments of our lives. After that proposal, we start envisioning our entire future with our loved ones as well as the endless possibilities. Before all that though, there is the fun of announcing this magical moment to all close friends and family. In recent years, the internet, namely social media, has been the way to go about announcing every little detail. So before you share your happiness with your Facebook and Instagram friends, here are three things you should keep in mind before announcing your wedding engagement to the world.

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Before you post your wedding engagement announcement on social media, you should prioritize the people in your life. It is important to contact the closest people to you first, such as direct family or your closest friends. Wedding announcements are extremely special, and it would be best if you contacted them personally. They may be upset if they hear from it via a post on Instagram or Facebook, so either calling or even visiting can be the optimum choice.

Think About The Guestlist

After you have told your nearest and dearest and are ready to announce to all your friends, there is one point you have to keep in mind; the guest list! If you have created a guest list that is relatively small, and you have hundreds of friends following you on social media, go through that list and see if you have forgotten someone.

If there are people that are in that fine line of “friends but not close enough to invite to my wedding” you can point out that it is, in fact, a small wedding. Another way to go is to think whether them getting upset about you not inviting them will affect you or not, if yes, then if it isn’t a small wedding, try to fit them in at any table.

Keep Details To Yourself Or Close Ones

Keeping the details of the proposal and the wedding details to yourself and close ones keeps magical moment intact. Reiterating the details of the proposal or the wedding can become tiresome not only for those around you but even to you yourself. It completely takes the magic out of the occasion and will eventually sound as though you are just mentioning a random story. If you’re going to post a picture of your engagement or promise rings try not to make it an up-close photo so that people do not start comparing, estimating, or judging it.

Wedding details also should be kept to oneself if possible, especially if there are lots of people you did not invite. They might feel bad that you did not invite them and posting many images or details on social media may make them more upset.

As special as that wedding may be, there are so many things you have to keep in mind! Even when it comes to sharing the details of that wedding engagement on social media. As minute as that could seem in the moment, the aforementioned three points are crucial to keep in mind so that you could have a wonderful time without any worries from those around you.

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