How To Measure The Effectiveness Of Content Marketing [Infographic]

More and more companies are developing content marketing strategies to increase sales, raise brand awareness and cement themselves as leaders in their industries. I remember hearing the words “content marketing” a few years ago, and back then, it was a fuzzy concept that was more of a buzzword than something people really took the time to figure out. All that has changed now, and content marketing has become a pillar in the marketing strategy for many companies.

If you are new to the concept of content marketing, I want to point you in the direction of a few great articles that will make it all crystal clear for you. Check out Content Marketing 101, the selection of articles in the Content Marketing section on Twylah, and an article on Heidi Cohen that explains one perspective for how content marketing is more cost effective than digital advertising. All of those articles combined will provide you with a crash course in what content marketing is all about and how you can use it to your advantage.

However, here we go again with the question of how to measure its effectiveness. Remember back a few years ago when companies were scratching their heads about whether or not social media was an effective strategy because it was something so hard to measure? It seems content marketing is in that point of its own evolution since that is a question many marketers are asking themselves. How do you measure it? What’s the goal exactly?

In this infographic called Content Marketing Metrics by Pardot, we get to see some things to consider when evaluating the effectiveness of our own content marketing strategy. This infographic is based on the information provided in an article published this month on Econsultancy which you can read if you want more than the bullet points in this graphic.

The thing I mostly take away from this is that there is more to content marketing than just counting the clicks. I talk to a lot of advertisers each week who only seem to care about one thing – the number of clicks to their website. Even though that is important, there is a lot more to the whole package than that. By only recognizing that one aspect, it’s easy to miss some of the long-term benefits. This is a really well put together infographic. I hope you enjoy it!

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