Nielsen Study: We Really Like To Toilet Tweet (You Can Admit It)

I have two habits (which some people think are strange) when it comes to social media, and almost every time I write about them, someone inevitably leaves a comment or sends me a tweet to say I’m weird. One of those is that I tweet from the toilet a lot (otherwise known as toilet tweeting), and the other one is that I sleep with my iPhone. I love it when the tables are turned though because according to a new Nielsen study, I am definitely not alone. Apparently a lot of us toilet tweet, and I think that’s awesome!

This is actually not new information, it’s just now that it’s in an official Nielsen study, people believe it. I remember back at the beginning of 2012 when 11mark published their study which said that 74% of men, 76% of women and a whopping 87% of Android users engage on their social media platforms from the loo. However, they only surveyed 1,000 Americans for that study, so nobody took it very seriously.

They weren’t the only ones who came up with the same result. Back in 2011, the business division of Staples also did some similar research, with similar findings. However, now the mother-researcher of all has come to the same conclusion, which you can see and download at Nielsen Study: The Social Media Report 2012 so it must be true after all.

There is also some other very interesting info in that comprehensive report. In addition to tons of other things, they of course talk about the incredible growth of Pinterest, how women “like” things more than men do on Facebook, and how women spend more time on social media in general than men do. Another interesting stat is that in 2012, Twitter increased by 13% in users, while Google+ saw an 80% increase in users. I could go on and on, but instead, I’ll just encourage you to download the report and read it for yourself. I guess social media has changed our bathroom routine. What a nice claim to fame!

Read Or Download The 2012 Nielsen Study On Social Media




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