Now You Can Play Diner Dash On Facebook

When I was a young girl, aside from playing teacher, I would always play diner girl with my sister.  We would bring out our tea sets and our little tables and chairs and play waitress and customer all day.  We had so many different types of tea sets and cooking play sets and even a little baking oven that could really bake small pies.  We also had a small play house in the garden that my dad built for us to play in so we did not mess up the house.

When I started being active online, one of the first things I enjoyed doing was playing online casual games.  The more popular social games available now were in the development stages when I was new in the digital space.  One of my favorite games to play was Diner Dash.  If you are not familiar with the game, it’s a game where you play hostess or server in a diner.  You are given a goal as to the amount of money that you need to accumulate on a specific task based on your level.

The good news for Diner Dash players is that it can now be played on Facebook.  The game mechanics are still the same, but with one twist.  Aside from doing the similar tasks of seating your guests, taking their orders, giving their orders to the chefs so they can cook the food, serving the food, billing, and clearing the plates, you can now visit other diners and in doing so, get more points and money that you can save or buy items that can help beautify a park.  Your “donations” will allow you and your friends to build a park together.  You can plant trees and flowers.  I believe this is a great tool to educate people about taking care of their environment!

Diner Dash Now FaceBook Game

Diner Dash New On Facebook