Paid Promotion Methods For Tiktok

Unlike free, paid channel promotion on Tik-Tok in almost 100% of cases leads to the account of real people who will not only subscribe to the account, but will also further like, write comments and, in general, be active.

Many services provide their services for the promotion of pages cheaply. But at the same time, they provide complete security for their customers and the confidentiality of their data. Therefore, if you are interested in better traffic and anonymity of your actions, it is better to resort to paid promotion methods.

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Exchanges For Purchasing Advertising

If you are interested in the question of how to make money on Tictok views and likes, then you have probably already heard about exchanges. Such services monetize the actions of TikTokers, allowing them to earn and promote organically. Here you can: Submit paid tasks to increase the number of likes, views, comments (and perform the same); Advertise on advertising in your profile (or purchase it from other accounts).

The second function is especially relevant for promotion. Those. you go to one of the exchanges, study the offers of already promoted bloggers and just buy advertising from the most suitable Tiktoker for you.

You can buy advertising without intermediaries – directly communicating with larger bloggers. Most of them have an advertising account or manager’s details in their descriptions. This is where you should send your proposal. Otherwise, the message may simply get lost in the general stream.

Services For Paid Profile Promotion

Advertising exchanges are not the only type of services for the paid promotion of video channels. Other sites are coping with the same task. Before registering on the selected resource, you should carefully study the terms of the services it provides. This is especially true of the country that the site uses during the promotion.

An equally important characteristic is a guarantee. It is provided by all promoted and popular services. In most cases, the guarantee is expressed by the possibility of a refund in case of poor-quality order execution.

You should register only on the site that fully meets your requirements. You can work with several services at the same time. But at the beginning of the development of the channel, you should not do this – you simply do not you will be able to track the effectiveness of each site and determine which subscription should be renewed.

Programs For Paid Promotion

You can promote TikTok not only on websites, but also in full-fledged programs (for PCs or smartphones). The key differences of the application are the increased security of customers (or rather, their personal data) and a simplified management system. In addition, it is easier to enter the application: you just need to launch a shortcut from the desktop. No time consuming browser transitions.

TOP 9 Tips For Beginners Tik Tokers.

TikTok is a platform where you can profitably monetize original videos. Users with 1-5 thousand subscribers can earn from advertising integrations and ethers from $ 10, 5-10 thousand subscribers – $ 60, and with 50 thousand subscribers – $ 500. At the same time, it is impossible to unequivocally answer the question of how many subscribers are needed in Tik Tok to earn money.

It all depends not so much on the signed pages as on the views and their duration. But getting a good income is real. And everyone can do this without exception. The main thing is to develop your profile qualitatively. And we must start from the moment of its creation.

Tip 1. Correct Registration Of The Account

Account registration is what subscribers pay attention to first of all. It is important that the photo is contrasting and memorable. The face must be clearly visible. The image should reflect your activity.

If you position yourself as Food Tiktoker, then you can choose a photo of a beautiful (very appetizing) dish for your avatar. If you are dancing, then your own photograph, taken while performing a dance (for example, in a jump), will do.

For a nickname, you should choose a short name that reflects the essence of the chosen direction. For example, for a dancing guy, it could be “Dance_Boy” or “John_Dance”. Remember that the name is indexed by the search engine.

Therefore, it should contain: the direction of your videos (dances, food, life hacks) and you (name, gender, city). So the likelihood that a user will stumble upon you when searching for thematic videos is much higher.

In the profile description, be sure to reflect what reflects you and what the audience may be interested in: who you are, what you do, what videos you shoot, what benefit you bring to your subscribers.

Do not forget to include contact information in the description: links to other social networks, website address, phone number. This information is necessary for advertisers who are interested in your profile.

Tip 2. Connecting PRO Status

If you are interested in the question of how to start making money in Tik Tok from scratch and create a profile for these purposes, then immediately after creating it, connect the PRO status. It is similar to the Business Status on Instagram and makes it possible to:

Track publication statistics (which videos are viewed better, what interests the audience more); Launch advertising (TikTok recently introduced an internal target that can be used to attract a new audience); Track the statistics of the account as a whole (how many subscribers, unsubscriptions, comments, likes); Choose a category (the direction in which you are engaged).

The status is connected through the profile settings (three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the account). Here you need to select the section “My Account” and in the window that opens, select the function “Switch to Pro-account” (at the very bottom of the page). Then it’s even easier: choose a category (media, education, music, and dance) and confirm

waiting for the phone number (indicate it and enter the incoming SMS). You can change the status using the same sequence of actions. Only in this case, in the account settings, you will need to click on the “Return personal account” button.

Tip 3. Make Good Content Consistently

It’s not worth making two videos and waiting for a thousand subscribers. To promote your channel, you need to constantly publish interesting videos. If you are interested in how to become popular in Tik Tok in 1 day without cheating for free, then you can safely go to the trends section and simply repeat those videos that are entering the public at the moment.

The uniqueness of TikTok lies in the fact that there is practically no pattern here. Those. if your video today has only 100 views, it doesn’t mean that the next one will get the same number. There are cases when a user filmed one trending video and gained 100,000 views on it. At the same time, all the previous ones did not gain even 10,000.

Tip 4. Do Not Delete Old Videos

Never get rid of bad videos with few views. The video can go to the TOP in a week, or even a month – when the topic reflected in it becomes relevant.

Tip 5. Take Part In Everything

Challenges, flash mobs, contests are a great opportunities to increase the number of views. Follow trending topics with relevant hashtags and get involved in whatever you can. Also, do not forget that you can launch the challenge yourself. If you saw an interesting topic for this on Instagram, but have not yet seen one in Tik-Tok, feel free to use it to create a video. Not the fact that she will come. But who does not risk …

Tip 6. Do Not Pay Attention To The Hate

If we compare TikTok and the same Instagram, then the users of the first site will be much angrier. It is impossible to establish the reasons for the huge number of negative comments that are pouring into new and already developed channels. Only one thing can be said for sure – there is a lot of negativity on this site. And you definitely shouldn’t pay attention to it.

Tip 7. Make Your Commercials As Natural As Possible

If you run an ad (it doesn’t matter – another account or a brand), make it as native as possible. The fact is that the TikTok application does not skip overly advertisements in the recommendations. Advertising should be natural and natural.

Tip 8. Do Not Be Afraid Of Communication

Many novice Tiktokers are fixated on their account and pay little attention to other people’s channels. Meanwhile, comments under popular (and not even very popular) videos are a good chance to:

Attract new subscribers to your account (especially if the comment is atypical or even negative); Interested in the tiktoker who posted the video (and, possibly, attract him to cooperate with you); Increase your activity (which is also positively perceived by the platform’s algorithms).

The main rule is that all comments should be meaningful and relevant to a specific video. For example, it is better to write not “wow” or “cool” under the dance video, but “Hmm. Nice dance, how do you manage to achieve such plasticity? Look how I can on my videos and give me a rating! ”

Tip 9. Use The Correct Hashtags

Standard hashtags like “rivers” or “foryou” have long ceased to be of real value. It’s just that they are used for almost all videos. The competition to get to the TOP for them is crazy. Successful tiktokers recommend using hashtags that reflect the essence of the video. For a charlotte recipe, this can be #cooking delicious or # delicious pie. And for funny videos with pets – #chefpit. Don’t forget to track the popularity of the hashtags you use.

Instead Of A Conclusion

More than 800 million active users, 34% of whom post interesting videos on this site every day. It is not easy to reach the TOP in such a competition. But really. The main thing is to follow the recommendations written above and use promotion in moderation. It is not worth spending all the money on promotion. It should be used only for the partial improvement of statistics.

Before you promote TikTok from scratch for free or using paid services for Tiktok, you should create suitable content. To promote an empty or uninteresting account is simply pointless. In this case, you can get into an endless cycle of promotion and lose the real value of this site.

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