Social Cheating: How Facebook Ruins Some Marriages [Infographic]

Social networking provides us with an easier way to reconnect with old friends and family members, and sometimes even old flames. It can also be a second chance for couples who couldn’t work things out in the past. Other times, social networking sites can serve as an enabler for married couples to cheat on their spouses. According to this infographic called Social Cheating: A Look at Social Media’s Influence on Infidelity created by Total Divorce, an online divorce lawyer network, a growing number of divorces in the United States are being affected and even caused by social cheating on social networks. Apparently evidence of infidelity can be found all over sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Due to the large amount of evidence of social cheating, divorce attorneys and other types of lawyers are resorting to social networking sites in order to make successful cases (not only for social cheating, but other things too). For example, if a husband denies that he has anger management issues but has something that hints towards an aggressive attitude on his social networking profile, such as a line that reads something like “If you have the nerve to get in my face, I’ll kick you into submission” in the bio section, the lawyer can use that as evidence against the husband’s claim.

Are you married and do feel the urge to playfully flirt with a high school crush? Don’t feel alone, Total Divorce found that 1 in 5 adults use Facebook for flirting. If you’re seriously concerned about regretting something you do or say on the Internet, the infographic also gives tips for ways to avoid a divorce as a result of social cheating. Check out the visual below to see exactly how common these infidelity issues are, and how you can prevent Facebook and Twitter from ruining your own relationship.

Social Cheating: Social Media’s Influence On Infidelity


Via: [Total Divorce]