Social Media Analysis: What Women & Men Really Want [Infographics]

I’ve often heard men joke that they don’t know what women really want. They sometimes talk about women like they are a different species, and I can agree that the same is true for how some women view men. There have been countless books written about it, classes taught on the topic, and even heated debates about it. What if I were to tell you that the answer has been in front of you all along? It has, at least if you ask Michael Osofsky at Netbase.

Since Netbase is in the business of monitoring social media, they decided to take a year’s worth of conversations, analyze them all (27 billion individual conversations in many different languages) and compile the data in the first infographic below. Then they went on to further their studies and compile the second infographic with even more delicious data.

You can read all about the insight and research behind this here and here on Netbase. There is some fascinating stuff in there about what we share, and how we do it in social media. For example, when we are asked a question, we think about the answer and the result is much different than if we are just having a casual conversation. As always, social media is full of fascinating psychology. The main thing I took from all this is that women and men aren’t THAT different, well, according to social media.

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