What Your Fav Social Site Says About Your Personality [Infographic]

People used to think of their online and offline lives as two completely different worlds, but now I think most people are changing their perspective to realize that they are both connected and interwoven into each other. As much as we are all on social networking sites, there is really no such thing as our online life and our IRL life. Now it’s just life, whether it’s online or offline, and it’s all very real. Do you know what your favorite social site says about your personality?

Since such a large percentage of Facebook users snoop on people (i.e. their exes), and since so many Twitterholics have cited that their attention spans are shorter since their Twitter habit began, it’s clear that social sites affect our personalities. Here’s the real question though – Does social networking tweak our personalities, or were our personalities already like that and social networking just made it crystal clear? It’s a chicken-or-the-egg question, and we’ll probably never know the definitive answer.

This fun infographic called What Social Networks Say About Characters (by Santiago Tacoronte) attempts to show you what your favorite site says about your personality. Of course, this is just all in good fun, and it’s one of those infographics that will put a smile on your face.

This chart makes Twitter fans seem like the most fun social networking users, and it also makes me not want to use Hootsuite. I know my attention span has definitely gotten shorter since 2009 when I started using social networking sites. I get bored more easily, and it’s harder to relax. In my opinion, those side effects are worth it to stay in touch with everyone. So look down the list and find your favorite social site. Then see what that site says about your personality. Is it correct? Are you really like that?

What Your Fav Social Site Says About Your Personality

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Via: [Social Media Today]