Teacher’s Guide To Social Media [Infographic]

One question I keep asking myself about the current state of education in the United States, or at least in Atlanta where I live, is why isn’t social media taught more in school? We’ve written many articles about how it can enhance the whole education process and classroom environment, and we all know it’s the future of communication, so why aren’t children being taught about it? At my son’s school, not only is social media not taught, but even talking about Facebook experiences during class can get a child scolded by the teacher since it’s considered completely irrelevant.

Maybe it’s because the curriculum taught in schools is part of a huge bureaucratic system that requires years to make any major changes, or maybe it’s because the teachers aren’t sure how to approach it, so they just don’t even go there. I’m not sure. I do know though that when a teacher brings some sort of technology and innovation in the classroom, the students usually light up with interest because it’s something they really get excited about. You can see proof of that in Best Math Teacher Ever.

The good news is that according to this infographic created by OnlineColleges.net called A Teacher’s Guide To Social Media, the worldwide standard is apparently not the same as what it is here in Atlanta. On here, you can see that 90% of teachers use social media in their classrooms. One thing this infographic does not specify, which could explain the discrepancy, is that it doesn’t say what type of classrooms use social media. If these are classrooms at a University, for example, then that would make more sense to me. Either way, I learned a lot about how social media can enhance the whole classroom experience by reading this. If you are a teacher looking for some ideas about how to incorporate social media into your own classroom, you might find this very helpful! Sit back, take it all in, and get schooled (okay, that was cheesy).


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Image Credits: [iGrad] [Chris Pirillo]