Teenagers And Facebook: The Appeal Is Wearing Off [Infographic]

I remember as recently as last year, Facebook was very popular amongst teenagers. Teenagers and Facebook have always gone hand-in-hand, and it seems strange to think that teenagers might be migrating off Facebook. New research based on recent Facebook activity suggests that the trends we’ve seen in the past when it comes to teenagers and Facebook could be changing. It seems teenagers are leaving Facebook in favor of other more fun and more mobile-centric apps that cater to their age group.

RightMixMarketing.com took the information about these recent trends and used it to create this infographic below called Teens and Social Media. According to this, there are several reasons for the mass exodus.

First of all, teenagers and Facebook don’t go so well together when parents are there monitoring everything (and leaving embarrassing comments). However, the reasons go beyond just dealing with parents on the site. Teenagers are bored with Facebook, and they say there are too many ads and too much drama. Even Facebook has commented about this, so it’s most likely a real problem for them. That could explain Facebook’s recent focus on their mobile strategy.

Recent studies even show that more teens are using Tumblr than Facebook now. In addition to all this, Facebook as a whole is getting older. According to this infographic, what that means is that the average age of Facebook users is going up. In 2012, the average Facebook user was 41 years old, which is significantly higher than a few years ago.

Since 1 out of every 2 parents joins Facebook partly to keep tabs on their kids, and if the kids are leaving Facebook, does that mean those parents will leave too? Will this trend involving teenagers and Facebook continue? Only time will tell, but at the moment, it definitely looks as if Facebook is starting to lose its cool.

Teenagers And Facebook

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Via: [Social Media Today]