The 5 Possible Reasons Why Your Blog Sucks!

All your friends are blogging. All your friend’s friends are blogging. You say to yourself, “Okay, I want to be a blogger too.”  So you start your own blog site.  You go through the checklist of things to do when you start a blog. You start writing and publishing your articles. Then, you start promoting your new blog site in hopes of getting traffic and people to your blog.  It has been weeks, nope months, and you ask yourself, “How come no one ever goes to my site?” Or you wonder, “Why is no one commenting or sharing any of my posts?”

Sometimes when we are so focused on doing something that everyone is doing, like blogging, it is easy to forget to check the basics. There are times when we just want to get on the band wagon, and we forget that people are successful in their undertakings because they have first made sure that they have studied all angles before they proceed.

The reason I am pointing this out is because there may be some people out there who really want to blog, but they end up getting frustrated when the results they envisioned did not happen. The real question is, “Does your blog suck?”

Here are 5 possible reasons why your blog might suck:

1. You have poor content quality – As the saying goes, content is key.  The biggest element in your blog is the content that you share. If you just write without planning, considering your niche and making sure that you have original content, then people will most definitely give you a thumbs down.

2.  Your links do not work – It is important to place links in your articles when you refer to other sites as your reference.  It is quite annoying if the links you place on your site do not direct your reader properly.

3. You do not update consistently – People will come back to your site if you are consistent with your article posting.  Many people start off with two or three posts, then suddenly stop.  This is not a great idea if you want your blog to survive.

4.  You do not edit your posts properly – Editing your posts after you have written them is important. Check your grammar as well as your spelling.  It will annoy your readers if you write poorly.  Don’t use “BIG” words that you yourself do not understand. What is important is that you get the message you want across to your readers.

5. You try to deceive your readers – You definitely do not want to write titles or use images that don’t have anything to do with your post.  You may get people to click on your site, but I doubt if they will come back for more.  Be authentic, be true to yourself and let your values shine through in your post.

You may know other possible reasons why a blog may get the thumbs down. Please share them here, we would love to hear from you, our valued readers.

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