The Future of Social Networking and Social Norms

Thanks @leahbesajimenez for allowing me attend a social networking conference last week. The conference was attended by those who wanted to learn more about social networking and how it can help them with both their personal and professional endeavors.  The topics were about social platforms that have been making waves, and the statistics that were presented were amazing. We heard from speakers from all over the world, as well as local ones. One thing is certain, social media is big and will grow even bigger as people realize its importance and the various ways it can help them personally and professionally.

One of the speakers, Twitter friend @papadimitriou, presented key trends related to the future of social technologies, and he engaged the audience about the impact they will have on our daily lives.

He pointed out some of the trends that are increasingly being used by people online:

1. The shift to mobile devices

2. FourSquare and Gowalla

What I love about what he said during his talk was that we should focus on people and conversations. We should engage them deeper. Technology is there, but should not be the focus of our campaigns if we want to use social media. If you want to know more about these trends, I included his slides below, and you can check out his articles at

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