The Guy Who Hates Twitter and Everything Else..

I’m not sure if you guys have seen this video about a guy who hates Twitter and seems like everything else. With the dawn of new technology and the video generation, video has become a a big part of sharing one’s views to the world. People now have the freedom to say what they want and to share what they want.

Freedom of speech and sharing of ideas is a great thing. But with it also comes great responsibility. If you are an upcoming blogger or someone who wants to start their own show via You Tube Channel.  Here are some things to guide you.

1. Content is king. – Make sure your content is worth sharing. Create something unique. Something that will create conversation.
2. Be prepared for comments – whether good or bad comments they will surely come. Know how to answer them and take it as a creative criticism on your work. But there may be days when the comments are really obnoxious. You just have to be prepared to take the good and the bad.
3. Don’t expect everyone to have the same views on topics as you have. – we have varied experiences in different aspects as well as topics in whatever field of interest, so never assume that everyone will agree with you.

Here are the videos featuring Stuart Miles and his point of view on different subject matters, twitter, emoticons and text speak.  Good way to catch attention and at the same time get his views out there.  The question is, do you agree with his points?

He also hates emoticons.

He also Hates Text Speak