The Museum of Modern Tweets

This is the most creative and unique Twitter inspired artwork that I have seen in a while. As we all know, celebrities on Twitter aren’t known for their stellar tweets. Most of the time they are boring, or just about themselves, but we follow them anyway, to get a glimpse into their glamorous lifestyle. Of course, none of this applies to @Alyssa_Milano who we love and adore dearly.

Artist Odessa Begay is taking those tweets and making something very fun out of them. She creates illustrations of her interpretations of those celebrity tweets and her artwork made a huge splash all over the internet this week. I first learned about her in a tweet from my friend @The_Tech_Update.

Who is Odessa Begay? According to, Odessa attended the Tisch School of the Arts for Photography & Imaging. She likes comic books and the Marvel character Wolverine. She lives in Brooklyn, and mainly draws with Adobe Illustrator or blue ball-point pen.

I think Odessa has created something very special with her new blog She says that “This blog will be updated every Tuesday unless my hands fall off and my computer explodes.” You can follow Odessa on Twitter at @odessabegay. Here is a sampling of her illustrations below. Each one includes the original tweet that was the inspiration for that illustration. Nice work Odessa! I will be watching your blog for your newest creations.