The New Myspace: Will The Relaunch & Redesign Save The Site?

In the new video teaser announcing the relaunch of Myspace, Justin Timberlake is prominently featured, and yes – he’s bringing sexy back. The web buzzed with mixed reactions over the last few days about whether or not Myspace is even salvageable, but some were impressed with the new look. The new Myspace appears to be preparing for a post-pc era with side swipes as opposed to scrolling, making it more smartphone and tablet friendly. Some of the comments on the new look range from “a mashup of Pinterest and Windows 8 interface” to things like “it looks like an iPad application.”

While there’s no definitive news on the relaunch date just yet, we can only presume the new Myspace is coming soon. Considering they just released the video, we should probably know more soon and possibly expect a soft launch this year. The new Myspace will allow users to connect with their Facebook or Twitter accounts and continue with its entertainment focus. There’s no word yet about what features the new Myspace will have to offer, but I’m assuming it will allow artists to engage with their fan base in new ways.

Timberlake played Napster co-founder and Facebook president Sean Parker in the 2010 movie “The Social Network,” and he’s sure to use his star power to create a buzz and generate interest when the new Myspace is ready. Specific Media purchased Myspace in 2011 for about $35 million, and the deal included Justin Timberlake and others as investors. It was a steal compared to the $580 million Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp paid back in 2005 when it was a hot commodity. I think the new Myspace’s success will depend on what it offers to users and how well it performs, more so than how it looks. Facebook has proven that. There’s no word about what will happen to Tom, who was unavailable for comment. You can sign up to get an invite to the new Myspace.

A Glimpse At The New Myspace

The Old Myspace


Image Credits: [The Week] [ABC News]