Tips On How To Increase The Number Of Your Followers On Social Media

Social media is playing an ever-growing role when it comes to promoting your business. It’s free, fast and effective and you can have your posts directed to a specific target and your audience reach is exponentially increased. Keep in mind that audiences are important in making your account relevant to your business, increasing your recognition of your brand can make a greater opportunity of traffic generation and conversion.

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Identify Your Audience

Social media experts will tell you that there’s no point in sending outposts and content if you don’t have an audience or know who your audiences are. Make sure to identify who your target audience is. One of the key points emphasized in is to know a bit of the profile of your target audience and which social media platform you can best reach them.

If your business is in the line of cosmetics, your best bets are Instagram for visual posts of products, ads, and promos; and Facebook for significant product-related posts, like user testimonials, customer feedback, and product updates. From there, you can work on gaining likes and followings. You can choose to do everything on your own or you can employ the services of a reputable social media solutions provider to improve your social media performance.

Establish SMART Goals

The SMART goals concept has been an effective tool in the business community for decades. With the increasing involvement of social media in the marketing aspect of the business, it is only fitting to incorporate SMART goals into your social media marketing objectives. So instead of a marketing goal of “Increasing social media advertisement likes over the next few months”, we can make it into a SMART goal by revising it as “Increasing YouTube advertisement likes by 25% by the end of the first quarter.”

  • Specific: The social channel (YouTube) and the metric (advertisement likes) are identified.
  • Measurable: YouTube has an Analytics feature that measures the likes and dislikes rate of specified periods of time.
  • Achievable: The set increase in like is modest and based on the current performance of your social media stats.
  • Relevant: Increased advertisement likes not only improves your business’s social media presence, but it can also increase conversion rates for better sales.
  • Time-bound: The set time to achieve the goal is at the end of the first quarter.

Create Engaging And Relevant Content

Now that you have an idea of who your target audience is, it’s time to do some research on their current market behavior. Have they purchased products from your competitor? Do they purchase expensive products? Do they prefer to order online? These are just a few questions you can seek to answer to create content that your audience can relate to and find interesting.

Be humane with the content that you create. The spice of your content is how engaging you make it. Reach out to your audience as if you’re speaking to a friend. Crack jokes and insert smart and witty quotes to build an indirect rapport with your audience. Work on the connections you establish by liking or replying to comments and responses to your post.

If a follower sends you a message, do your best to respond in a timely manner because it might be someone interested in using your product and service. Your friendliness and quick response will also influence their tendency to promote your product or service by word-of-mouth advertising, which is a big plus for your business.

Social media is playing a role that is increasing in importance over the years. Establishing a solid presence and a considerable number of followers is an effective marketing strategy. However, as an entrepreneur, you should not compromise your business values just to gain a strong social media status.

Stay true to the ideals, vision, mission, and values of your business by aligning them with your posts, content, and promotions. Followers will appreciate consistency, transparency and hard work. So keep on doing what you do best for your business in your social media account. You’ll eventually reap the rewards of your hard work through the number of your followers.

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