Tips You Need To Know If You Wish To Become #Instafamous

A lot of people today don’t want to work in a corporate environment. And even though our parents and grandparents can’t quite comprehend this, us millennials understand. The number of people who refuse to be locked in an office for 8 hours straight is continually rising. Due to that, the number of freelancers and social media managers has significantly inflated in the last couple of years.

On the other hand, some people decided to make their hobby a full-time job — and who can blame them? Therefore, one can meet a lot of influencers and Instagram famous people today — or as we grew to call them, the Instafamous people.

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They share the most private details of their lives, and no matter where they go and what they do, their fans will know. They share photos of their luxurious trips and elegant hotel rooms, and they show off their bougie lifestyle on the daily. Thanks to all of this, a lot of young people today aspire to be just like their Instagram idols.

So you decided you want to be famous on Instagram and inspire other people with your talents and hobbies. So whether you randomly decide to play at an online casino for real money or run away to Hawaii for some relaxation, your fans will expect you to share this with them. Every moment counts, no matter if it’s random or not. So how do you do all this? No need to worry — Instagram has created a couple of well-hidden gems that indirectly help you gain a vast number of followers.

Get Familiar With AIDA

AIDA stands short for Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action. This mostly refers to how you communicate to your audience, or more importantly, how you present yourself. Take your biography for example — you have an important task of introducing yourself to your followers in less than 150 words. Let’s face it — this is a difficult thing to achieve, especially when you want to say so much. But the ultimate truth is that people either don’t care or they don’t have enough time. So next to AIDA, use the KISS principle as well — it means Keep It Short and Simple. This is what people want and what they have the time for.

Additionally, you can always use emojis as a form of story-telling in your bio — the overall point is to stand out and make it interesting.

Become A Good Storyteller

You have a story to share, and that is amazing. But what you often don’t realize is that everyone has one. That sweet grandma you just helped get off the bus; she’s got some fantastic stories to tell too. However, what she probably doesn’t have is the skill to make you hear her out and keep you interested in what she has to say.

So if you want your audience to care for your story, you need to incorporate three essential elements. The story needs to be entertaining, inspiring and educating. You can do this merely by sharing some life stories with your followers. That time when an influencer taught you something new is a perfect story to educate your audience with. Or that time when you nearly failed a test but did something to impress your professor can be quite inspiring to hear. And admitting some embarrassing experiences can be entertaining.

Incorporating these three things will help you create a close bond with your audience, and many people are unaware of just how important this is.

Create Your Tribe

It may sound ridiculous, but this is what many famous brands do. Apple, Google, Amazon, or any other giant company create a tribe with their followers by using hashtags. Unfortunately, as someone who is just beginning, your personal hashtag is still not relevant enough. Luckily, there is another way to create a strong bond with your fans — getting to know them better.

If you get a new follower, send them a personal message — thank them for following you and try to introduce yourself. Also, try to pay back their loyalty. You should like and comment on their posts every now and then. This can be useful in the long term because by liking their posts, Instagram will also start promoting your content in their feed. And once they start liking your posts, their friends will see this as well. And so one friend at a time, you have over 10k followers in love with your content all of a sudden. This goes to prove that gratitude can get you a long way.

Instagram Tools That You Can Use

The developers behind Instagram have actually included a lot of tools that many users are completely unaware of. And these tools can be quite helpful when it comes to making your profile aesthetically attractive. Since humans are such visual beings, more often than not, a neat-looking profile can make all the difference between an immensely popular and a completely unnoticed one. Here are all the tools you should try using:

Adding Special Characters To Your Bio

This is not an Instagram feature per se, but there are legal 3rd-party applications that will help you find a perfect font for your bio. This can do wonders on random users who go through your profile.

Post Scheduling

Did you know that you can schedule posts to publish at a specific date and time? You can easily use this feature if you’re in front of your desktop. As for the smartphone app, you will require a 3rd-party application as well.

Approving Tagged Photos

Your followers will often take a glance at the photos your friends have tagged you in — so naturally, they need to be immaculate. But some friends like to joke and post questionable photos of you. Luckily, you can easily stop this by changing your settings. Every time someone tries to tag you, Instagram will ask for your approval before publishing it.

Will You Appear In My Feed?

Now that you know all these tips and tricks on how to reach Instagram stardom, hopefully, I will get to follow you soon. If you incorporate all these pieces of advice, I have no doubts that your account will be compelling no matter what you choose to talk about. Good luck!

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