To Poke or Not To Poke on FaceBook!

If you are a FaceBook user (who isn’t right?) you know by now that there are a lot of things you can do on the social networking site. You can update your status, tell people what is happening with you or share links that you think your friends will also be interested in. You can also see who just broke up, got engaged, got married and who is single. You can also share memories and pictures from today or the past, like when you were still in high school. You can decorate a house or build an empire or a restaurant via the different social games available on the site.

However, there is also one more thing that people can do on the site, and that is to POKE someone. If you want to POKE someone on FaceBook, you just click on the POKE (username) tab found under your friend’s profile picture. Why do people POKE on FaceBook? I can see several reasons why:

1. To nudge your friend or someone in your family

2.  To let someone know you are thinking of them

3.  To get your friend’s attention

I often get poked on the site, and I usually POKE back. My reason is usually one of the three mentioned above. I know some people find it awkward, especially if it’s a guy who pokes another guy. It’s like a no-no to them. I found a video that I find funny. It illustrates the reason why they do not like getting poked. There was even a petition to change the POKE to TICKLE instead. If you are on FaceBook, do you POKE your friends? Or, do they POKE you? Do you POKE back? Do you want to change it to TICKLE too?  What do you think?

Main Image Source – Poke poke poke poke by LarimdaME