Too Many Twitter Updates?!

For those with friends who use Twitter,  I am sure that they would already understand why you update your Twitter feed, everyday and for others every 5 minutes.  I love Twitter.  It has given me so much opportunities that a simple person like me would never thought possible. But of course there are days when I am still asked why I update my Twitter.

I do understand why people seem to still don’t understand why we love to tweet.  Maybe it is because they still haven’t really experienced the potentially powerful tool.  What do I mean by that?  There are times when people think that the only reason why we use twitter is to tell the world what we are doing (eating, going out, day to day activities) but there are actually so much more that one can potentially do on Twitter.  I have listed below some of the benefits that one gets from Twitter and I guess the reason for updating twitter on a regular basis:

1.  Learn – I have 0 knowledge on anything related to the web in 2008 and thanks to Twitter and the people that I follow, I have learned so many things, my boss @leahbesajimenez who is also on Twitter told me one time – ” I think I created a Monster” lol but true she got us onto Twitter and it has really opened up a lot of new information that I would have not known if it was not shared to me by the generous people that update my stream every single day.

2. Build Relationships –  Don’t get me wrong here, we build relationships offline too but imagine building relationships with people a million miles away from you.  This is possible, I have been able to connect with people from different countries around the world and not on a superficial way.  One Twitter friend who is also now an offline friend said, he kinda knew me even before he met me in person and that I was the same way both on and offline.  It may not be easy connecting on a one on one basis but I do try my best to do so.

3.  Live Your Passion – Thank you to Twitter I have been able to meet the coolest dudes and dudettes on the planet.  People that have been instrumental in sharing my passion and that is writing! @minervity, @arnteriksen, @cheth, @r27 @imjustcreative @svgrob @printedproof, @ruhanirabin @Sung_H_Lee @amfan_jenny @prettysco @CharlotteWonka @intel_chris @bullfrogmedia @purplehayz @andysowards @livetorque @HowellMarketing @earthXplorer @AskAaronLee @joycecherrier @paul_steele @NikkiD66 @SoulKirk @StaciJShelton @alvinthethird @Hadel @maddisondesigns @Gloson @dharshana @Your_Say @rMiLaNa @virtuosoblogger @myniffie @vimags21 @jploh @robangeles  @Allyssa_Milano @JasonPollock @beebow @Laurenwalker  @g_man @zaibatsu @kim @TrendTracker @9swords @phoaoloo @tommytrc @GregM39 @admrich  @iamkhayyam @mayhemstudios  and so many of you Twitter folks who know who you are!!  Thank you to the wonderful people who share Bit Rebels and Ink Rebels to their world.

I would like to share this funny video but true in a way, you see sometimes when we update our Twitter some people might not appreciate or not even care why we tweet but YOU and your updates matter to those who speak and engage with you 140 characters at a time.

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