5 Twitter Types To Avoid & Enhance Your Twitter Experience

We have all run into this problem. We get tricked, duped, or slighted into following people on Twitter, and we don’t notice until we start seeing their content…They turn out to be low quality, terrible tweets that you couldn’t pay people to read. That’s when you realize you have been tricked. Nobody likes doing a Twitter audit because you really shouldn’t have to. It’s easier to just avoid certain Twitter types from the start.

Twitter can either be like diving into a cool ocean of useful and funny information, or accidentally falling into a mud pit that is difficult to get out of. If you aren’t careful about the people you decide to follow, you will find that mud pit gets deeper and deeper, and more difficult to get out of.

You don’t want to force yourself to create Twitter lists in order to enjoy the service, which is why there are certain Twitter types you just need to stay away from. Below is my personal guide for people on Twitter to avoid because just like buying a timeshare, you will regret it in the long run if you follow these people. These are my five Twitter types of people you need to stay away from and not bring home to mama (or follow). It’s a rough world in social media, and Twitter is kind of like the wild west!

5 Twitter Types To Avoid

1. “Ain’t No Follow Back Girl”

While the title says girl, this one is not just limited to the women. The “Ain’t No Follow Back Girl” is the type of user who when you follow him or her, they don’t return what is sometimes considered Twitter common courtesy which is to follow back. If the person only does this once or twice but stays relatively close on the number of people they follow compared to how many follow them, usually it isn’t a big deal. However, when you follow 120 people but have 9,000 followers, you have officially become an “Ain’t No Follow Back Girl.”

2. The Car Salesman

This is the slickest one of the Twitter types (weird, that’s probably how we came up with the name), and he or she will manage to fool you into following before you realize what they’re after. These guys will switch up their tweets here and there, but 95% of them are shameless self-promotion with links. Do I want to learn how to make money on the web? No, so please quit tweeting about it.

3. The Robot

These are the types of users who have been taking full advantage of third party Twitter services that allow them to automate tweets. You can go ahead and sub the word “crappy” in for “automated” because that is usually the level of quality you get out of what they tweet. [Robot Voice] Do not follow! This is definitely one of the Twitter types to avoid.

4. Quoting Quota

“I’m discovering that everybody is a closet quotesmith. Just give them a chance.” –Robert Brault. Did that quote change your life? Do you want 450 inspirational quotes? This is one of those Twitter types who does nothing but tweet different quotes, and he or she tricked you into following because it looked like a “personal” account. But there is absolutely nothing personal about their tweets, and they will clutter your Twitter feed quickly. “Avoid the Quoting Quota” –Eric Bridges

5. The Potty Mouth

I’m actually torn on this one because there is a very fine line between being human and being a potty mouth. I enjoy the occasional foul language sprinkled into a tweet because it seems to make the person more real. But when your tweet would have to be bleeped out of an episode of Sons of Anarchy, maybe you should rethink the language you are using. Some foul language = human (and usually humorous). Cussing like a sailor = trashy.


Twitter Bird Image Credit: [Newsgrounds]