Twitter vs. FaceBook – Which is Better?

Twitter and FaceBook have both been gaining so much popularity. A lot of people would argue that Twitter is better than FaceBook, while others prefer FaceBook over Twitter. I am a huge fan and user of both social media platforms. At first I was more into FaceBook, and then I learned the value and the connection on Twitter. Now I must say that it truly just comes down to the way one views and uses the sites that determines which platform is more worthwhile.

I have read so many negative comments from both sides. My question is, why do we have to compare the two? I think both sites have their own merits. Most of what you can do on Twitter, you can also do on FaceBook, for example –

1. Share Photos – Twitpic for Twitter vs. Albums for FaceBook – both platforms also allow you to make comments and give feedback.

2. Games – Both platforms allow you to play all sorts of games. The only difference is that FaceBook allows you to play at a more engaging level because of its iFrame capability.

3. Updates – Share what you are doing and where you are. Both platforms allow you to share anything: Links, videos, music, status, rants, rave, recommendations, etc…

The only differences, I believe, are the reach and the number of people who are listening to you and the level of engagement you prefer. We have friends and family on FaceBook. On Twitter, the quantity of people we connect with is much larger for most people. We connect on Twitter because of our interests or because we just love to see what’s up on their side of the world. I see no point in always arguing which is better FaceBook or Twitter. To me, they are platforms that allow people to connect. A better way to go about it would be to learn more about how you can use these platforms to share and engage. Do not bully anyone into using either of the two, let them see and experience them for themselves. Let them decide which suits their needs best. What do you think?

I saw a tweet today which resonates that whether you are on FaceBook or Twitter, it is the sharing and the conversing that matters: RT @fcseh: RT @Jason_Pollock @sairy On Facebook you can see what your friends are talking about. On Twitter you can see what the world is talking about.

Main Image Source – My social Network on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and MyblogLog