How Fast Does Twitter Load? Website Speed Test Results [Infographic]

When was the last time you ran a website speed test on your site? Website speed is such a huge factor when it comes to pageviews, conversions and user experience on any website. We’ve written about it so many times before, and there are two sides to the issue. On one side, you have the webmaster or team who is trying everything they can to make the site perform at an optimum speed. I know from what we’ve gone through here at Bit Rebels that it’s not always an easy task, and it can be very time consuming. Then on the other side, you have your readers who are always your first priority. You want them to be happy, and they are expecting a website that almost loads instantaneously. If your site is slow, they won’t be happy.

It’s the yin and yang, constantly pulling on each other. Of course you want to have the fastest website possible, but sometimes finding a balance somewhere in the middle is something to be celebrated too. If you want to check any website’s speed, and if you don’t want to run an actual website speed test, you can always check Alexa. Although, you might not like what you find there. Alexa is also not 100% reliable, so if you want to be sure your number is accurate, you might consider actually running a website speed test yourself. That way, you’ll know the real deal.

What about our favorite social networking sites? How fast are they? I can only imagine how hard it must be to keep sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn loading quickly. A lot of people think that is the reason why it took so long for Pinterest to come out of beta – because they wanted to manage (with invites) how many users were joining the site each day so they could be sure to keep the speed where it needed to be.

Just last week, dotcom-monitor ran a website speed test on Twitter. They compiled their results in this very simple infographic called How Fast Twitter Loads. You can see the page load time of in different parts of the world. The page load times range anywhere from 3 seconds to 14 seconds, which is a huge difference. If you have an e-commerce site, you probably know that an even one second longer delay than what the visitor considers reasonable can affect sales up to 10%. Just for fun, you can check Twitter’s load time for your part of the world on this little map. If you’d like to read more about website speed and how it affects you, click over to 14 Rules For Faster-Loading Websites and The Impact Of Site Speed On Business Results.

Twitter Website Speed Test Results From Around The World

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