Web Service to See Who is Tweeting Links from Your Content

Tweetiator is a patent-pending web service that allows content owners to see who is tweeting links to their content on Twitter. It was conceived and developed by NimbleSource to make the world a little bit better by letting you interact with the people who are helping spread your content around the web. Since a lot of shared links never get clicked on, either because the person sharing them has no followers or their followers are ignoring them, we only track the links that get clicked.  Plus you can do the following and connect instantly.

  • Download and install the tracker on your site.
  • Receive email alerts when links to your content are shared.
  • Engage your biggest fans.

Here are some questions that I hope will guide you even more:

How does it work?

Just sign up, download and install our JavaScript on your website, and sit back and enjoy. As links to your content are shared on Twitter, you will receive alerts in your Tweetiator dashboard as well as optional alerts sent to you via email. You can then follow and/or message your biggest fans.

How much does Tweetiator cost?

After your thirty day free trial it’s just $4.95 a month.

What are my options for email alerts?

You can receive them in real-time, daily, or never.

Are there other ways to access information about who is sharing links to my content?

Yes, you may download a .csv file of activity being tracked by Tweetiator via the Download button on the main dashboard page and from the link sent to you in your email alerts. You can subsequently import this information into you any CRM or contact management system.

Check out more of the FAQ’s here.