What Do You Do When You Get Unfollowed on Twitter?

Twitter is such a great platform to meet and interact with people online, and get feedback real time.  The beauty of Twitter is that people follow each other, converse and share information, 140 character at a time. When I was new on Twitter, people were more into sharing information and conversing. People followed other people because of the benefits of learning from them. However, over the past year, people seem to be so obsessed with the number of followers that they have and things have changed.  Some people treat Twitter as a popularity contest. Others treat twitter as an instant messaging service and they expect you to respond to everything at once. Others worry when people unfollow them.

I must admit, when I was new on Twitter, I did get affected a lot when people unfollowed me.  I took it personally.  I would always ask myself the questions, “Did I tweet something wrong? Did I offend anyone?” However, as I tweeted more and time passed, I realized that people unfollow for different reasons.

People may unfollow you for several reasons:

1. The information you send might not be what they are looking for.

2. They follow a small number of people while you follow a lot and converse a lot, so you probably flood their stream.

3.  You did not follow back right away.

4. You send out links rather than just converse.

5. There was a glitch in the system.

6.  You never update your stream.

7. You converse a lot.

There are a lot of reasons and often we will never really know the real reason why. Now, back to the original question: What do you do when you get unfollowed on Twiter?  My answer is smile and do nothing. Don’t take it personally, especially if you know that you have been sharing good content, you converse and engage when you can, and you do no harm to others. Be yourself and just continue tweeting. If you feel that you need to unfollow them, its up to you! I rarely unfollow people that I learn from even if they don’t follow me back, but to each his own.