What Has Been Going On In Online Marketing In 2019

Living in 2019, we can say one thing with surety: nothing is constant here. From the mode of communication and methods of interaction to the way we carry out business, everything is in a constant state of flux.

New triggers replace the old business ideas, and marketing trends that were new a few years ago have become obsolete. And modern marketing trends are taking place which we never thought would happen. Online marketing is not an exception!

There was a time when having a website, and a social media handle was enough to gather customers. But now it is the bare minimum you do! There is so much to the story that reaching to the top of the curve has become a constant struggle.

While some companies have managed to stay in the game, there are some who are struggling to digest social media marketing, whereas some are still thinking about whether they should be going online or not? Well, whatever category you belong, here is what you need to know about the changing online marketing landscape and why you should be changing with it.

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Omnichannel Marketing Is Going Strong

You might have heard about multichannel marketing a lot, which is all about interacting with customers through various platforms. You use print ads to attract customers, emails to nurture leads, and social media to reinforce your presence. But amidst this multichannel marketing, omnichannel marketing is emerging as a new appealing tactic in the online world.

Omnichannel marketing refers to a marketing approach that is intended to provide a seamless shopping experience irrespective of the channel. Like, whether customers are approaching you through a browser, mobile app, social media platform, or a website, the experience will be the same.

AMP Project Is In Action

Who wouldn’t like to experience browsing while laying down on the couch, or sitting on a subway station? Smartphones have made this possible now. According to a report, Google receives the majority of its traffic from smartphones. But if your website is providing poor user experience through a smartphone, then you might have to face downfall in Google’s ranking.

That’s why Google has launched AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) project which helps AMP pages to load faster, in less than 0.5 seconds to be more precise. It helps in improving the user’s experience, which in turn helps you earn a good position on Google’s ranking.

Video Marketing To Go Viral

Video marketing has always been a potent marketing tactic. That’s why motion advertisements have been in the game for so long. But now video marketing encompasses a whole new meaning, where companies are using it as a source to introduce their products, gain attention, and for product reinforcement, but it has also become an important tool to go viral in this ‘viral world’.

Yes, now hash-tags are not the only viral objects, videos also proliferate through one channel to another, and from one device to another. That’s what companies are using in their favor! Businesses don’t need some A-class directors to shoot a compelling video.

An explicit video that delivers some catchy content, tells a worthwhile engaging story, or depicts a novel factor, can make your business go viral beyond your imagination – and that’s what companies are doing now.

These are some of the online marketing trends that have captured the world in 2019. And there are many more to come! What you need to do is to embrace them if you really want to be ahead of your competitors!

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