What The Catnip Is Caturday?

It all started with this simple image of a cat at a laptop for me. I saw it one Saturday on Wil Wheaton’s Google+ page and it’s message “on the internet, no one knows you are a cat” totally made me laugh.

And then I kept seeing the hashtag #Caturday.

The Urban Dictionary has several definitions of Caturday. I like this one, “The greatest holiday on the internets. A day to celebrate the greatness that is Felis Domesticus, or the common house-cat.”

I am sure you have seen it while you were bouncing around the interwebs on Saturday mornings. A LOT of people are participating in Caturday, and you should join in too! All you have to do is use the #Caturday hashtag on Twitter or Google+.

Find a cute cat or kitten photo and share it!

It is a fun way to meet new people and share something fun! It is silly, I know, but that IS the point! Stop taking life so seriously. Are you going to join in the fun this Caturday?

Cats Are For Saturdays Internet

Saturdays are Caturday on Internet

You know you have a cat or kitten video on YouTube that you love! Here is one to get you started…check it out right meow…

Image Credits: [ROLFcat] [Cheezburger]