When FaceBook Connect Truly Connects!

For those of you who have been using FaceBook, you’ve probably seen that people on there share a lot of things with their friends and family. You can share quotes that inspire, photos to relive happy moments or even help each other out when you play social games. Let’s face it, people like using the site because it is very engaging.

You can ‘like’ a brand or a personality with a click of a button. You can share your opinion by commenting. You can comfort a friend by saying hello or just saying you care. Believe me, doing that has a big impact. However, what I realized lately is that so many people also help out their favorite cause just by posting messages, sharing notes and sharing pictures of the different plights of people and animals that are helpless. By sharing those types of links, it allows others to give of themselves also. Sometimes it even allows people or pets to get a new lease on life.

My sister is very active in animal welfare. She can’t really help the entire animal community, but I see her helping in her small way and that is what I believe truly matters. Thanks to social networking sites like Twitter and FaceBook, she can now just post a link and tell the story of one animal in dire need of help. This is where I see how the FaceBook connect function really connects. By having the FaceBook connect on your websites, you can easily share with friends and family the causes that you feel are really worth looking at.

An example of this is the story Aldo, a dog who was rescued by a CARA member. People from all over the world can now reach out because one person shared the link, and it was passed and shared to friends and family. There are so many animals that need a home and need our care. If you want to help out, you can check out CARA Welfare (Compassion and Responsibility for Animals). Every little bit of help counts.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” – Gandhi

Aldo’s Photos – By Saws Cavite  (Photos are graphic in nature)

Main Image source – Out of Reach