Why You Should Create A Niche Social Network

Does it make any sense to design a social network, if there are lots of them these days? The truth is it does, and you shall not worry about how to compete with real giants, like, Instagram or Facebook, since there exists another way. To make your startup succeed you just need to choose the right niche audience, those persons who would be knit together by the same interests and hobbies.

That’s the key to develop a popular niche community app or site. Our task today is to discuss why one should consider such a creation. However, first things come first, and we shall start with the classification of existing social media.

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Key Types Of Niche Social Networks

Nowadays you can find multiple resources that are made for different bunches of people, and we’d like to distinguish the main ones:

  • Solutions for artists. Every creative person – a photographer or just an artist – can gladly take advantage of such systems that help with handling images and pictures of various kinds. No matter what they work with (illustrations or simple photos), the possibility to easily manage the process and communicate with the colleagues will be appreciated. The brightest examples of those programs are DeviantArt and Pinterest.
  • Services for musicians. There exist niche communities built specifically for people who write and just listen to music. Those are social media like SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and similar ones.
  • Platforms for scientists. Each individual, whatever he or she is dealing with, will be pleased to interact with like-minded people, thus, there’s such a place for scientists as well. We’re talking about Academia and other systems like that.
  • Resources for entrepreneurs. Such solutions perfectly work for people of business and experts of any kind. Everyone heard of LinkedIn and Viadeo.
  • Niche communities for travelers. Even people who love traveling around the world and explore amazing places have a chance to share their experiences by means of special programs, like, Asmallworld.
  • Social media for designers. Individuals who are fond of web and mobile design can also take advantage of such apps for communication that allow sharing thematic news and updates, as well as making professional portfolios. Dribbble is the striking representative of such services.

The presented variety of networks shows that experts of diverse directions are happy to enjoy the advantages of such systems. Though, not all areas are covered yet.

Why Build A Social Network

So, why would one care to design a social platform for a community? Let’s explore how you can benefit if you decide to develop such a network.

# A Chance To Design Powerful Social Communities

At the outset, the creation of niche social applications serves to build a team of specialists who are joined by the occupation or sharing similar interests. It’s not about making lots of profit but to become a part of something great.

In fact, the audience of your future program will be your real allies, and you can definitely count on their support in future. You can surely invite them to participate in varying projects which turn to be great PR tools.

# Possibilities To Create Personalized Offers

Undoubtedly, it’s a beautiful thought to get together people who are united by a common idea, still, the website owner also expects to monetize his brainchild. A great means to drive revenue could be specialized ads, say, banners, and individualized deals. Due to the fact that people who will visit your platform shall have more or less shared interests, it must be pretty easy to offer them specific merchandise and services that most likely will interest them.

For instance, an online solution for sportsmen can offer particular fitness nutrition products and certain workout equipment. And when dealing with a dating resource, clients could be offered to make reservations in the restaurant.

In other words, you can attract advertisers since you’re able to give them well-structured target consumers, meaning, you can surely set high prices for such ad placements. That’s only one of the sources to recover all your investments for niche community development. Moreover, you’ll manage to generate a decent income as well.

# Ability To Enhance Engagement Metrics

When you interact with potential advertisers, one of the most essential points they’re looking at is your service’s engagement indicator. In case you manage to maintain this metric at a high level, you’ll easily convince people to partner with you and sponsor your website. And guess what? As a matter of fact, all niche social communities have a great engagement ratio, cos the key objective of such online systems is to bring in persons having similar interests.

# Opportunity To Collaborate With Well-Known Companies

The given advantage is closely related to the previously mentioned points. When you develop a specific application devoted to a particular area – it doesn’t really matter, if we’re talking about professions or hobbies – you have great opportunities to propose cooperation to reputable organizations that operate in a similar market sector.

You have a good chance they’ll say “yes” since you can deliver them their target demographics. Those brands will gladly sponsor your platform, because in such a way they get access to their potential clients.

# A Chance To Win Popularity Fast

One shall not forget about network effects in a social media resource. If you manage to create a great solution and your audience enjoys it even in the test version, you’ll definitely raise awareness about it much easier and faster, and your program will succeed. This will mean you can save on promotion, since when a service is great people advertise and recommend it to their relatives and friends.

Developing A Social Media Website

We can surely claim that the costs of niche community development will definitely justify itself. If you really decide to design and launch a social network from scratch, we’d recommend you to follow such steps, as:

  • Figure out what would be your unique niche. The approach here is to decide what would be your target market. Then, you’ll understand who could be your target audience.
  • Make a reliable online program. You’ll need the help of professionals who have appropriate expertise. Hire a team of web and mobile developers to ensure you end up with a decent platform. Creating a social network is actually a pretty complicated process that demands relevant qualifications and experience.
  • Determine what features your audience needs. You have to understand what functionality your people expect. And you have to find a way to implement those functions into your service.
  • Launch your startup wisely. Publishing a project on the App Store/Google Play is pretty simple. However, you shall learn their guidelines before you start.

We fervently hope you have no more doubt about why one should develop a social media solution, and we wish success to your startup.

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