1-Bit Symphony – World’s Smallest Orchestra!

I recently discovered the pleasant and inspiring music of the 8-bit as well as 16-bit instruments. They can easily and best be described as the music that we all know from the era of the Nintendo NES. It’s that funky yet cool “ploinking” of razor waves generated by the legendary 8-bit sound chip found in the Commodore 64 as well as the NES. Its distinctly characteristic and razor sharp sound is what created the computer generation and sparked the interest of poking around with computers for many of us.

6 years ago artist and musician Tristan Perich took things to the edge with a new idea he had. He decided to create a CD jewel case with incorporated electronics that generated an album’s worth of music with just a 1-bit chip, a few cords, a battery and an outlet to jack your headphones into.

The contraption was so successful that he decided to revisit the idea to create something even cooler and smaller. Thus, the “1-Bit Symphony” was born. It’s a state of the art CD case with incorporated electronics that are just too awesome to even try and explain. It has to be seen and heard. Selling for $27, this is a CD you can be sure to always gain inspiration from. You’ll also impress your geek friends with it. I know I am getting one just to have it in my CD case. After all, who knows how long we’ll be listening to CDs… yet alone be able to buy them.