10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Proxies For Your Project

Are you wondering whether you need to buy private proxies? You might believe that your project needs protection or aggressive expansion. Now, conventional browsing does provide the comfort of familiarity. However, sometimes it just doesn’t feel good enough, does it? Should you buy proxies? Is public proxy a good option? We can help you navigate through these decisions. Here, you will find a list of 10 reasons why you should buy proxies. See if these reasons justify this investment for you.

What Are Private Proxies?

Before exploring the advantages of buying private proxies, let us take a quick look at how private proxies work. A proxy server is basically an agent that facilitates access between a website, or the Internet as a whole, and the end user. It allows you to anonymously access the Internet by using a dummy IP address. This, in turn, protects your own computer’s identity. As you can imagine, the resulting possibilities are endless. You can work around the system in countless ways to create a sizable advantage over your competition. Private proxies build on the same general idea by providing client-specific proxies, often with greater connectivity. Those are dedicated IP addresses that can only be used by you, anytime and anywhere. They can continue streaming, scraping, and posting while you go by your day, providing increased security, speed, and anonymity.

Here’s a video description of what proxy servers (private or public) are.

Why should I buy private proxies?

You could be looking to buy private proxies for a broad range of reasons. Depending on the project at hand, the specific demands that private proxies can meet are flexible. Your provider can create a solution tailored to your specific needs. However, even some of the simpler advantages of buying private proxies can be very impactful. Here are ten advantages that you can immediately expect to enjoy should you choose to buy proxies services.

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1. Transcending Borders

The Internet does not discriminate between nationalities. Governments, however, have rules that apply specifically to the region you are in. These rules might slow your growth for any number of reasons. Your project might border on a frowned-upon segment of business.

It might violate ‘cultural’ bans that you simply do not agree with. This could restrict or narrow your scope in terms of both business and knowledge. If you buy proxies, you could still go ahead with your coveted project and bypass any block. Since these proxies shield your IP, you can hide your location and access or provide content that would otherwise be out of reach.

2. Privacy

With giants like Facebook falling victim to privacy violations, your personal information can hardly be considered safe with the smaller-in-scale websites. Every time you visit a website, your data is logged in, stored and possibly manipulated.

Companies use this data to understand consumer behavior and hone their marketing strategies. This includes your IP address, location, and identity. Would you really want to share that information with strangers across the globe? Buy private proxies to change your IP address, hence eliminating the link that connects your identity to the Internet. The chances of a trace-back are minimal, and you go about your business as usual. However simple your business on the internet may be, safety should be your first concern.

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3. Social Media Marketing

We know that search engines optimize results based on the online chatter that a page gathers. Now, as a new or small business, you might not be able to generate a market presence at great speed. You will need different social media users to interact with your page, improving your SEO score.

You could buy proxies to give you a boost here. They allow you to create as many user accounts as you need. Using these accounts, you can both market your page and experiment with different marketing strategies. Choose the best, and squeeze the most value out of it. That is a job well done. Check out some great offers at SSLPrivateProxy.

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4. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization does not simply depend on the number of hits you get. The number of links your page has to other related pages also plays a major role in defining your page rank. You could, of course, work your way up through competitor research, but private proxies can help you take it a step further.

There are numerous tools that can speed up the process of creating links. The problem though, is that you may be flagged and banned. Here, one solution is to buy proxies. Since they hide your IP, and can even be rotated, it is impossible for you to be identified. So, you can build your links in peace, knowing that, should you fail, you can always try again.

5. Scraping Websites

The data revolution has indeed changed the value we put on information. There are countless websites with a huge volume of useful data that can help you scale your business. You might even be able to directly monetize this data. But this scale of availability creates complexity. You could always use bots or tools to scrape through it to find relevant information, but many websites have countermeasures to detect bots.

If detected, these websites will block your IP. You could buy proxies to easily circumvent this problem. Through private proxies, you can rotate between different IP addresses, confounding the website’s preventive measures. This allows you the time to gather a large amount of data, which, in turn, could give you a competitive advantage.

With Smartproxy, you can get structured data from major search engines by sending only one API request! Its SERP scraping API combine a proxy network (both residential and datacenter proxies), web scraper, and data parser – all in one product. The API guarantees a 100% success rate, automatic IP rotation, and access to any location.

Plans start at $100 + VAT per month. For it, you get 35,000 successful requests. If you’re not satisfied with the product, you can choose the 3-day money-back option (terms apply). Pair Search Engine Proxies with Smart Scraper and collect data without any coding at all!

You could refer to our php web scraping tutorial by stating that you can learn how to integrate a proxy in a scraper to avoid being blocked.

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6. Beat Access Limitations

When accessing a shared network, you might run into restrictions. You may not be permitted to visit certain websites, such as YouTube or a website previously flagged at work. You can make your way around these restrictions by purchasing private proxies. Simply configure your browser to the settings you receive from your vendor, and voila! You can now access any website without worrying about detection. However, you should first make sure that you buy private proxies and not public proxies. The latter can put your entire network at risk.

7. Automation In Marketing

As you very well know, the more often your brand is seen on the Internet, the more traction you receive going forward. Nudging visitors or customers through well-placed links and comments is a tried and tested way to generate traffic.

The problem is that this process is tedious. You must devote a considerable amount of time and energy to create such awareness. To simplify this process, you could use bots to generate these leads for you. Download simple software that suits your needs and apply the correct settings to increase your marketing campaign’s efficiency. However, you need to make sure that the websites cannot detect your bots. You can, again, buy private proxies to do that job for you. It’s a simple but extremely effective way to use technology as a strong, competitive advantage

8. Private Browsing

An alternative to VPNs and private proxies are public proxies. They are easily available and work on the same basic principle. While free, public proxies are often poisoned apples. You are very likely to fall victim to a virus, which can harm the entire network that you are a part of. By some miracle, even if you manage to avoid a system crushing attack, public proxies simply do not get the job done.

Google and other popular search engines and social media giants can easily detect them. You will be flagged and banned. At the same time, you risk exposure to an attack. The reward just does not seem worth the risk with public proxies.

9. Faster Browsing

With public proxies, you would need to keep an eye on connectivity, ensuring that you get a steady uptime. With private proxies, however, you are ensured a steady speed. Your project might require you to scrape through terabytes of data at a time. It is virtually impossible, and extremely inefficient for you to give such lengths of time to monitoring your bots. However, a private proxy would guarantee that your work remains undisturbed, without you having to supervise it. Private proxies are dedicated only to you, ensuring a secure and faster connection.

10. Avoid Direct Marketing

Last, but not least, you can avoid the advertisements that seem to know more about your needs than you do. Using your data, websites show targeted advertisements that can be inviting, as well as annoying. Once you buy private proxies, you can keep your preferences private. Hence, you would avoid any distractions while working, allowing you to remain focused on the job at hand. It simply feels better to know that your data is safe.

All in all, private proxies do give you an edge over your competition. They open up possibilities for marketing, content development, and research that your competitors might not even have considered. You also stand better protected, since you can shield your privacy from the constant attacks that have become commonplace on the Internet. As an added benefit, private proxies, while providing great benefits, are surprisingly economical. Check out this link for great offers- and any further questions.

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