10 Really Smart Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone [Infographic]

The first generation iPhone was released on June 29, 2007. I don’t think any of us knew back then how much that small device would inspire and change our world, including how we communicate with each other and our other devices. We can do a lot of smart things with our smartphones. There’s been a whole ecosystem of technology that has spawned from them.

Even though innovators at Apple might be letting down some of their fans with their lack of ‘wow’ factor lately, they’ll always be known as the creators of the first real smartphone. When you think about all the smart things we can do with our smartphones, it almost becomes overwhelming. There are entire blogs devoted to the topic.

These days, especially with some of the Android devices available, the capabilities and options that these smartphones hold are almost mind-boggling. It almost seems like a crime to try to choose only 10 smart things a smartphone can do and put them on a “smartest” list, but of course someone has attempted to do it.

This infographic called 10 Of The Smartest Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone (by UnlockThatPhone.com) attempts to narrow it down to only 10 of the best of the best things you can do with your favorite handheld device.

I have to admit, when I peruse this list, all of these things are pretty smart. The question is, are they the smartest of all? I think I could debate why some other things should be included on this list. Regardless, it’s still an impressive attempt to narrow down a whole universe of capabilities into one top 10 list. So how many of these smart things have you done? It could be the ultimate test of how geeky you truly are. Enjoy!

Some Really Smart Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone

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Via: [visual.ly]