11 Productive Tips To Win At Saas Email Marketing

Saas products have no physical presence, due to which marketing them is quite challenging. Though there are plenty of marketing channels to attract the target audience, how you put each to use decides the conversion and brand building.

For a Saas product, using social media for direct conversions may not bring in the desired results, but using it for encouraging reach and brand building would work positively.  Similarly, email marketing works best for bringing maximum conversions, and here we’ll talk about how that can be done.

First of all, email marketing is not dead! Many consider Saas email marketing a thing of the past, but its potential to bring in returns up to 4400% has proven them wrong. All you need is the right strategy from start to finish, and these 12 productive tips cover them all.

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Points To Be Taken Care Of While Creating The Email

1. Use The Power Of Words

Powerful emails don’t just need clever wording; they need expertise. Avoid using pre-defined templates as they lack a sense of personalization.  Rather than putting long-stories, be short, concise, crisp, and stick to what needs to be said in the minimum possible words.

2. Proofread Thoroughly

Content written with errors and mistakes leaves the worst impression and shows a lack of commitment towards the customer. That is why an email should be proof-read thoroughly before sending it out to the customers. Grammatical, logical, or other errors in the content of the email can drive potential customers away.

3. Create Continuous Engaging Emails

One mistake usually done by Saas companies is not sending out engaging customer success emails to the users once they have signed up, which is one of the reasons for low customer retention.  A few Saas product emails you should be sending and points to be kept in mind for the same.

  • Welcome emails: Include a summary of your product and its capabilities, adhering it to the recommended limit of 50-150 words, providing links to the relevant resources, and including images to make your text a visual treat.
  • Product updates: Begin with deciding a schedule/product update, send frequency, and adhere to the schedule. Reach out personally to the users who requested the feature; believe it or not, this helps build an emotional connection with the user. While sending the update, don’t just list out the features but the benefits too.
  • Newsletters: They are the perfect email marketing hack for any B2B business as it involves sharing worthy content with your target audience. The use of a standard format is recommended to let the user connect at a glance. Avoid using too many advertisements and CTA’s and balance promotional and informative content.
  • Promotional emails: The users are most interested in such emails as they bring in offers and discounts, but too many promotional emails can be annoying and lead them to unsubscribe. Use time-sensitive offers and design rich templates for best results.
  • Feedback emails: Customers are the best judge of your services, which makes feedback emails crucial for understanding the problems your customers face. These emails make customers feel valued and appreciated.

[Here are a few templates of customer success emails your SaaS should be sending]

4. Build Your Brand

Though there are multiple marketing channels that are preferred before emails to build up the brand, emails play an equally important role. This can be done by setting standardized email templates to make them instantly recognizable.

It includes getting the company logo, fonts, colors, and images right. Second thing is to use the right tone in your messages as it defines the personality of your brand. It could be friendly, professional, or just neutral. Once decided, make sure you stick around it across all your communications.

Steps To Be Taken While Setting The Campaign

5. Validation

Verifying and validating your email lists before sending out the emails enhances the quality of your email marketing campaign. It removes the invalid, inactive, catch-all, and disposable email addresses avoiding any risks of bounces, blacklisting, and ensuring maximum email deliverability that too in the inbox. Select an email verifier that meets all criteria to provide the maximum level of accuracy.

6. Timing & Frequency

Sending emails frequently in no way means bombarding the inbox of your subscribers with the same boring emails. More than 50% of the users unsubscribe because they receive “too many emails”. Set the timing based on the timezone your customers belong too, and to understand the ideal marketing frequency, consider these factors:

  • Industrial statistics
  • Nature of the email (Welcome, promotional, newsletter, etc.)
  • Nature of the product/service
  • The past response rate of users

7. Smart Segmentation

Creating small segments based on certain parameters like demographic, geographic, behavioral bring in personalization, which in turn drive better conversions. Other than these, if your firm/company deals in multi-products or multiple offers of the same product, firmographic segmentation and sending personalized emails accordingly drive the maximum conversions. Firmographic segmentation is based on employee count and revenue used for sales-driven emails.

8. A/B Test

A/B test your email campaign to analyze which campaign works the best for your  SaaS marketing campaign.  The A/B testing should not remain limited to using the right words, and it should include colors, graphics, subject-line, and design elements in order to figure out the right combination that works best for the SaaS business.

Prepare different email templates for different engaging emails and try them in different segments. Once the results are received, analyze the numbers of – deliverability rate, open rate, link-click rates. Such changes and analysis can save you thousands of dollars by increasing the click-through-rate and conversions.

9. Follow Up

The general mistake is not following up with the customers and assuming them to be interested. Rather than leaving them in the middle of the sales cycle, a gentle reminder that you are present to solve their problems can swoop them towards your business. The second mistake is not setting a proper timeline for the follow-up – following up for too long or too little time!

The timeline should be such that you neither give up too early nor waste your efforts where positive results are unfeasible. The best time for follow-up emails depending on the length of an average sales-cycle – 9 days. This timeline is based on a survey of the top 280 SaaS companies.

Tips While Sending The Emails

10. Automate

Automate the email marketing campaigns to lessen manual efforts and get better results by saving time and money and running data-driven campaigns. Email marketing automation tools assist the Saas companies in running their email marketing campaigns 24*7 and customize the campaigns based on the segmentation as mentioned above.

11. Keep Experimenting

Marketing is a field that requires continuous new and creative thinking as you never know what may work for you. Email marketing is just the same; keep trying new ideas to garner more sales. For example, instead of written content, including introductory videos showing how your Saas product can improve user experience. Such experiments are inevitable for finding the best combination that works for you.

Do not forget there are 2 billion active email users in the world. A major portion of it might already be interested in your niche. These tips are related to one another and can fetch the desired results when applied constantly and judiciously. Are you ready to do that? If the answer is yes, start today and let your users fall in love with your Saas Business.

About the Author: Hi, I am Bharti, a content writer currently working at Clearout & ClearoutPhone. These are Saas products used for email verification and phone validation, respectively. Reading & writing had always been a part of me though I never thought it would end up to be my profession too. Together with writing, I have been involved in creating vlogs and demo videos—improvement in progress for each of them.

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