Rare 1984 Video Of Steve Wozniak: A Valuable Piece Of Tech History

A rare video of Steve Wozniak from 1984 has surfaced where he talks about the beginnings of Apple, the dynamic and focuses of both Steve Jobs and himself in building computers, and how they started the Apple enterprise in the mid-70s in a garage. This video is a fantastic window into how the other “Steve” viewed the PC revolution, but it is also a rare, and valuable glimpse in to tech history.

The two Steves, and other rivals like Bill Gates and Paul Allen, started the PC industry from scratch. Seeing this video reminds us of time when computers were not the norm and quite removed from the mobile powerhouses they are today. Steve Jobs was, and still arguably is, the public face of Apple. He was the ultimate salesman and showman. He may not have had much engineering expertise, but he had a razor-sharp design sense and a knack for knowing what would work and what technologies to bet on.

It was these traits that led him to Steve Wozniak, whom he recognized as someone who could build a personal computer for home use that he could sell. And that he did. Wozniak built the early computers, with Jobs making a great business out of it. Sure, the lines weren’t so clear cut in that Jobs undoubtedly had an influence on the product as well, but it was the combination of Woz’s engineering genius and Jobs’ design and marketing genius that established Apple as a major force in the PC industry. In fact, they helped create it when there was none.

Videos likes this are a treasure, and thanks to digital technology and sites like YouTube, we can all enjoy them in perpetuity. Seeing how certain industries evolve, particularly one as revolutionary as the PC industry, is important to have on record as a reminder of how far these tools have come along. It’s also a window in to history, and a way to see what these guys were like. Steve Jobs videos are all over the place, so it’s great to see an early Steve Wozniak video in the mix!

1984 Video Of Steve Wozniak


Image Credits: [Lifehacker] [Tumblr]