2011 Insane Mobile Marketing Facts & Trends

It seems like the two hottest buzzwords right now are “mobile marketing.” Everyone is talking about it, and new articles are circulating on social media sites about the topic everyday. If you are unsure of what all the hype is about, I have a very simple way to illustrate it for you. Once I did this exercise, it all became clear to me.

I want you to think about this. What percentage of the day do you think you monitor what is happening on your smartphone? By monitoring, I’m referring to checking texts, emails, Twitter, Facebook, and all your other social networking sites. If you are like me, you are monitoring that activity on your smartphone about 85% – 90% of your waking hours. How many times a day do you launch a web browser for whatever reason on your phone? Several times, right? Now, put your marketing hat on and switch perspectives. From a marketer’s point of view, figuring out how to appeal to you through this method would be pure gold. After all, you are right there, almost all the time. We are sitting ducks, eagerly awaiting the next bit of information that comes to us through our phones.

For me, I take my iPhone with me everywhere I go. It’s my connection to the world. I tweet from the bathtub, I check in when I’m out, and I even take my phone with me into every client meeting and doctor’s appointment. All my Twitter direct messages come to me instantly on my phone (which is probably one reason why I don’t like to be bothered with auto-DMs). I even sleep with my phone under my pillow. It is never far away. How about you?

According to Little Pink Blog, mobile marketing is the new black, and I would have to agree. Our modern society is all about being mobile, and whether it’s through apps, social media, Q-codes, enhanced mobile services (including augmented reality), geolocation, Microsoft Tags, or a ton of other creative ways, savvy smart marketers are so excited they are about to pee in their pants to get to us through our mobile device.

My dear friend @ShellyKramer, CEO of V3 Integrated Marketing, said this about the mobile marketing trend, “Mobile and mobile/social integration are the epicenter of our focus right now, for clients who are paying attention anyway. The world is walking around with their mobile devices in hand, and they’d like to pay their mortgage payments and electric bills, shop and buy, and discover and explore, all by way of the smartphone that’s with them every waking moment. If you want to connect with them, making sure you know where your customers are on the web, knowing how they want their information served up, and delivering it in that fashion is the quickest route to not only happy customers (who tell others how happy they are), but also to greater profitability and improved service.

The Microsoft Tag team created this infographic to shed some light on the staggering numbers when it comes to Mobile Marketing. All I can say is… Wow!

Staggering Mobile Marketing Facts Trends

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