3 Cool Smart Technologies For Your Home

Imagine if every device you use in your life could be linked up to the Internet? We’re not talking smartphones, laptops, cameras, and the like, but items most people have in their homes, like speakers, clocks, a doorbell, appliances, hot water heaters, and even windows and window blinds. As you probably know by now, a smart home is no longer science fiction; it’s here now and just about everything these days can communicate, take your demands, send you information, and more.

While some people, namely Bill Gates, have had smart homes for years now – the principal founder of Microsoft had his house built back in the mid-1990s, setting the stage for the technology today as Digital Trends notes, many are still just getting started. Whether you’ve got some of the latest smart gadgets already, or you’re starting from scratch, these are three of the coolest smart technologies to consider to add for your own home.

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Brilliant Control Wall Switch

Brilliant Control is genuinely brilliant. This is a unique switch that can control multiple smart devices in the home by connecting to Wi-Fi. It has a small color touch screen with button controls allowing you to control lighting throughout the house, see who’s at your door, set the temperature on your thermostat, and even play music. It works with many different smart home platforms and comes with Amazon’s Alexa voice support already built-in. It’s one of the coolest smart additions to any modern home.

Intercom System

Many of us dreamed of having intercom systems in our homes growing up, often featured in futuristic television shows and movies. With homes getting increasingly larger, it’s something that can be extremely convenient – say, when your teenager is in her room upstairs, texting away to her friends.

No longer do you have to take the time to climb those steps or spare your throat from yelling with this tech system; you can connect with your family members wherever they happen to be in your home. Even better? You can instantly connect with family members who aren’t at home too. The system has built-in Alexa and is really easy to use, even for your parents or elderly relatives.

Smart Door Locks

What’s cool about a lock? A smart lock comes equipped with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Hiding that spare key under a rock or anywhere else is no longer something you’ll have to worry about as these can be programmed so that you can give family members (like that teenager who always loses his key) as well as guests and repairers access. You can lock and unlock remotely too – no more worries over whether or not you forgot to lock up when rushing out the door for work.

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