3 iPhone Hack Tricks That Will Make Your iPhone Experience Better

If you have a smartphone, and if you use it as often as most people do, you probably can’t imagine living without it. Everywhere I go, I see people doing things on their smartphones. When it comes to an iPhone, it’s always useful to learn hack tricks that make our user experience even better. Today I would like to share 3 iPhone hack tricks that aren’t very well known. These things will enhance your iPhone’s capabilities, which will definitely put a smile on your face.

You’ll get a quick tutorial for how to do each of them in this one-minute video from Hack College. The three hack tricks you’ll learn are:

1. How to create a much longer passcode on your iPhone using as many number as you’d like.
2. How to make your iPhone charge twice as fast.
3. How to set your own custom vibration pattern on your iPhone.

All of these things are surprisingly easy to do and only require a few clicks. If you try these and want to learn about more, you can do a quick Google search to find many more hack tricks to customize and personalize your smartphone even further. If you have a smartphone hack trick that is your favorite, hopefully you’ll leave it in the comments below for everyone else to try.

Just something as simple as knowing how to make your iPhone charge twice as fast is very valuable information that can make your iPhone experience much better. If you work on your iPhone a lot, you might also appreciate these 5 Clever Tips To Help You Optimize Working On Your Smartphone. I hope you like this quick video as much as I did. Have fun discovering all the ‘secret’ things your iPhone can do for you!

3 iPhone Hack Tricks That Will Make Your iPhone Experience Better


Via: [Hack College]