3 Must Have Photo App for your iPhone

Having your built in camera on the iPhone is fun, but there are times when it gets a bit frustrating because you don’t have a built in flash and zoom adjuster.  Good thing there are applications that can enhance your photos and give it new life. Here are 3 Must Have Photo Applications as recommended by revision 3’s show App Judgement.  The video discusses how you can maximize the app and also see the pros and cons before you purchase the application.  Included as well the descriptions here for your guidance.


Pano from Debacle Software allows you to use the camera built-in to the iPhone to create images much larger than the native resolution of the iPhone camera. It does this by stitching together multiple images, each taken as part of the larger image. Pano allows you to create a final fantastic panoramas of up to 3600×600.

Tiltshift Generator

This is the 5th release from the ToyCamera series and this software will allow you to create retro miniature pictures.  Originally, it’s published as a free web service and AIR app. Now the awaited iPhone version has finally been released.  By adjusting various parameters, it allows you to apply many ToyCamera effects on your pictures: from miniature pictures to vintage styles images.  It is an indispensable app for all the ones who like fashionable ToyCamera style pictures.  With TiltShift Generator you’ll also be able to take a simple photo and adjust the details of each picture taken with camera apps such as my ToyCamera.

Now you can crop, straighten, sharpen, or make numerous other improvements to your digital photos. On the go. In fact, with Photogene installed on your iPhone or iPod touch, you can desaturate images to create black-and-white photos, use the histogram to adjust brightness and contrast, adjust the color temperature of your photos, or add text bubbles.