What Is 3D Modeling Simulation Software?

3D modeling is a type of simulation (simulation, is a computer graphics software that renders the real world in a virtual form) where the simulator, renders a virtual environment that appears similar to the context in which the robot would be exposed to in reality. For example, if a completely autonomous robotic car is to be created, simulation is a key step to approving its safety. In its simulation, 3D models would be created similar to what would be encountered on the road so things like mailboxes, humans, animals and other things would be placed on the road to test its safety precautions. Also, its navigations and other components would be tested using the 3D model.  A complete simulation process includes the programming code that is installed in the physical model of the robot. 3D modeling can be created in both virtual and real life.

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The first step in creating a robot should be its simulation. This would allow its manufacturers to test the codes they intend to use, the physical design of the robot according to the proposed design. Since the simulation is based on virtual 3D modeling, changes can be made as soon as problems are detected and this would not incur additional cost or waste time.

Simulators build 3D models, by developing a mathematical representation of any surface of an object then it uses the mathematical formulas derived, to create the 3D model. One of the biggest advantages of simulation is that it builds virtual objects with closer behavior better than the final product.

Because of the advantages of 3D modeling today, many simulators are now in existence after the two pioneering companies Deneb robotics and Tecnomatix technology created the first commercial robotics software.

Types Of 3D Modeling Software Simulators

Microsoft robotics: it is a free 3D modeling simulator software, developed by Microsoft with assistance from a wide range of sensors and other robotic platforms.

  1. RoboLogix: this industrial 3D modeling simulator is designed by Logic Design. This simulator was designed to create a real-world duplicate for the robot so that it would perform its duties as in a real situation with a five axes industrial robot.
  2. AnyKode: this 3D simulation software provides support for service robots. This 3D simulator can be used on computers with Linux and Windows operating systems, and still, offer a high level of reality.
  3. Roboguide: this robotic software was developed by Fanuc to monitor the performance of their robots in their applications.
  4. RoboExpert: this software was developed to simulate in an accurate environment, the Siemens industrial robots.
  5. RbotStudio: this simulation tool is designed by ABB. It allows users; develop realistic scenarios for robots, their programs and configuration files.

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