The 3D Printed Ultimate Sticky Note Holder Is A Charming Little Design

Sticky notes make me happy. Sure, we can take notes on our smartphones, but where is the fun in that? Digital sticky notes can’t compare to all the colorful paper sticky notes scattered all over my house. If you, like me, need a way to organize all those stacks of stickies, you might like this creation by Thingiverse user corben33. It’s called the Ultimate Sticky Note Holder, and it’s a 3D printed design that will put a smile on your face.

It just goes to show that 3D printing doesn’t have to be all fancy and serious. Just something as simple as a 3D printed sticky note holder could make a person’s day, or at least it would make mine. Corben33 is a high school IT teacher with an obsession for 3D printing. On Thingiverse he wrote, “I keep misplacing my sticky notes, so I decided to design my own holder that I can keep on my desk. It is designed to hold conventional sized sticky notes (post-its) as well as arrow style page markers.”

All of the instructions and G-Code are included on the Thingiverse link if you’d like to make one of these for yourself. It’s little designs like this that make me think someday we’ll wonder how we ever lived without 3D printing in our lives. Instead of telling our grandchildren the classic “I had to walk two miles in the snow everyday to get to school,” we’ll probably say, “back in my day, 3D printing was just getting started and not everybody used it.” Our grandchildren will look at us in amazement and wonder how we made it through life. This is such a charming design, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

The 3D Printed Ultimate Sticky Note Holder

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Via: [3D Printing Industry]