Brush Your Teeth In 6 Seconds With Innovative 3D Printed Toothbrush

You probably brush your teeth every morning without even thinking about it. Every once in a while a high tech toothbrush is released, like the one that dispenses caffeine into your mouth when you use it. But for the most part, toothbrushes are the exact same now as they were decades ago. From that perspective, toothbrushes have been just itching to get updated, and the one I’m going to share with you today is a radical change from the ordinary one you have in your bathroom.

This is a 3D printed toothbrush, which looks like a mouth guard you’d wear when playing sports. It is customized for your specific mouth. It brushes all of your teeth at the same time, and super fast. If you were to use this thing, you’d be able to thoroughly brush your teeth in 6 seconds. Now that’s what I call some much needed morning optimization!

It’s called a Blizzident toothbrush, and it’s unlike any toothbrush you’ve seen before. Actually, it doesn’t look like a ‘brush’ at all, but it is. In order to get one of these, you’d first have to have a mold of your teeth made by your dentist. The way it works is simple. You won’t need to brush your teeth the regular way anymore. Instead, you’d just put this thing in your mouth and bite down on it. Then release. Then you’d repeat that 10 – 15 times. I suppose they are guessing that will take about 6 seconds.

If you decide to continue biting down after the recommended 10 – 15 times, you will increase your effectiveness exponentially. For every 4 additional seconds, it is equivalent to brushing your teeth the old fashioned way for three minutes. The brushing action of this high tech toothbrush also acts as your floss and tongue cleaner too. Of course there’s a catch, right? Yes…the catch is that this sucker costs $300. Dannnng!

Brush Your Teeth In A New & Much Faster Way



Via: [Dvice]