4 Must-Have Buy-It-For-Life Items Of 2018

They say nothing lasts forever, this is true. There are some products however that may somehow prove this as a non-truth. They are so well made and of such high quality that one may buy them and comfortably never need to buy them again. Some may be replaced over time but it would have to be after many years of use. For this reason, they are called buy it for life items. In this article, we look at some of the brands that have been reviewed as buy-it-for-life items and by none other than Reddit.

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1. Maglite

There is a reason why this famed brand of flashlights is used by law enforcement in America and all over the world. Having been introduced in 1979 and have never disappointed on the quality of the brand. It can be said that they are almost indestructible and at the same time very easy to maintain. They offer the best in American brand technology and the latest in LED technology. Almost everyone who has ever owned a Maglite flashlight has a ‘Mag-story’, some going back 20 years into owning their very own flashlight. These Mag-stories make the brand even more appealing to anyone who has not yet bought one of their own. This longevity of the brand puts it on the list for the best buy for life items.


With so many reviews of their other models of vaporizers, the SMOK T Priv Vaporizer is the latest addition to SMOK’s amazing line of vaporizers. Their starter kits have proven to be workhorses for vapers around the world. Their performance is enviable and this particular model has better grip, comes in 18 colors and is not flimsy or weak. Reviews have said it to be durable. They are the most popular brand in vaping so far.

3. LL Bean

In a world where honesty on product policy is fading, LL Bean has lived up to its word as far as return policy is concerned. Being a privately owned company, their unlimited return policy was not easy to maintain but over the years, they have worked hard at being a company of their word. Due to the dishonest nature of their customers, they were forced to review their return policy and put some strict conditions on it.

4. Leatherman

A good quality pocket knife can go for generations. It doesn’t matter who you are, chances are that in your lineage there is a pocket knife that has been passed down from generation to generation. The Leatherman multi-tool is the ideal portable collection of tools that never wear out. There’s an old saying that says that you cannot wear out a Leatherman the worst you can do is lose it.


Some people may argue about why should a person spend more money on a specific brand yet they can get the same function from a brand at even three times cheaper. Buy it for life products are made from such high-quality materials that they outlive the average lifespan for products their type. It, therefore, makes absolutely no sense to buy cheap products when you can buy products for life.

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