The 4 Best Tips To Avoid Malware

You know what’s causing credit cards to get stolen, social security numbers to get lost, and computers to get absolutely destroyed in 2019? Malware has been used by computer hackers since computers were first invented really and the malware has only been getting worse and more destructive since.

The problem with malware is that as time goes on, the people who make it learn more and more about the holes and cracks in computer and phone software. They then tailor their malware so that it has the ability to squeeze through those cracks and get inside the computer.

If your computer is not properly protected with malware protection, you’re putting yourself at an extreme risk. Some of you don’t know what malware even is so let’s get that out of the way first.

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What’s Malware?

Malware is an extremely dangerous software with the intention of disabling, stealing important information and corrupting systems. Malware has racked up in billions of dollars in damages over time and it has become extremely common for the average computer to get hacked.

If you don’t have the proper malware protection, you will get hacked. No need to worry though because we’ll be teaching you the best tips known to fight against malware so that you never have to get your personal information stolen from you.

4 Incredible Tips to Avoid Malware

1. Install a Solid Antivirus Solution

Every computer needs at least one antivirus solution or malware protection. If you don’t have something like that installed, you’re putting yourself at great risk in the long term. All it takes is a few minutes to install malware protection but when you think about it, it really only takes a few seconds to install malware onto your computer.

An antivirus software like this will build the base of your cyber security so that no matter what malware may come your way, you are completely safe behind your wall of malware protection.

2. Turn Automatic Updates On

Your computer updates are extremely important though most people keep delaying them off. Why do you think your computer urges you so much to install your updates? Do you think your computer just wants you to stop using it? Your computer is trying to do you a favor because updates contain patches to holes and cracks in the software. These holes and cracks are typically used by cybercriminals who exploit them.

3. Never Install A Cracked Software

A cracked software may be a free alternative to dropping some serious cash on the real software itself but most of the time, the files are filled with malware and spyware. The people who put the malware in the cracked files don’t care that they are illegally downloading malware on your computer because the criminal sees you as a fellow criminal.

When you download a cracked software you steal from the creators of the software so the cybercriminals see this as a form of justice.

4. Install A Pop-up Blocker

Everyone must have at least one pop-up blocker extension on their browser. The web is full of dangerous malware and inappropriate image pop-ups. You’re likely always encountering annoying pop-ups on the web but what can end up happening is the pop-up may install a malware-filled extension on your computer, which will steal all your personal information.

Find An Antivirus Solution Before It’s Too Late

We highly recommend that you install an antivirus software on your computer to prevent you from losing important information. Truth is, hackers are out to get you and they don’t care how much your information may mean to you. If you don’t have the proper malware protection, you will get hacked.

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