4 Essential Home Tech Gadgets That Make Life Easier

While most of the tech we buy is to entertain ourselves, there is also a plethora of gadgets and devices out there which have a much more constructive purpose. In the smart home tech category, these gadgets help make life around the house easier by conserving space and reducing the amount of effort you have to put into certain tasks.

Many of these gadgets use modern technology to elevate the design of something that has existed in homes for decades, such as smart light bulbs. Some gadgets also incorporate a bit of fun into their design, while still being useful in some way. Here are four such gadgets. They’re all equally impressive and make for great gifts.

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Ambient Weather Osprey Thermometer

Many people participate in sports and hobbies that require an understanding of the current weather. Or, perhaps you’re just a weather nerd and want to know every single detail about what’s going on outside.

With the Osprey, the display will tell you everything including barometric pressure, wind direction and speed, heat index, dew point and countless more details that will make you a better forecaster than the weather channel itself.

If you’re interested in picking up a smart thermometer, check out this Temperature Sensei article that lists the very best models currently on offer.

Clocky Robotic Alarm

For those of us who have become immune to the power of our snooze-able phone alarms and need something a little more challenging to get us out of bed, the Clocky Robotic Alarm is here to save the day. Or should we say… start the day. Once this clock starts beeping, it will use its little wheels to zoom around your house and avoid being caught.

It’s a surefire way to not only get you out of bed, but to also get you on your feet and active from the first minute of being awake. The only thing that could be more effective than a Clocky is probably a bucket of water. And we don’t want that every morning.

Withings Smart Scale

Forget the basic scales that give you nothing but a number that you wish wasn’t your weight. Take things up a notch with Withings’ Smart Body Analyzer. This scale can give you a ton of vital health information, including your heart rate, body fat percentage and even the air quality in your room. The mobile app allows you to set goals and take care of your body.

Amphiro A1 Shower Meter

When it comes to truly useful and impressive devices, the Amphiro A1 is one such example. It’s powered by nothing but the water that flows through it from your shower and can save you up to 8,500 liters and 440 KWh per year in bills. The built-in display will give you your water temperature, current climate, and water used.

These initial additions to your home tech arsenal will go a long way in making your life easier. Add a few extras and before you know it, you’ll be living in the home of the future. Or, at least, it will feel like it.

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